This aspect for reactionless propulsion is based on experimental fact for weight changes when the directed heat flow is created in matter. This material body here is named as "working body".

    Simplest experiment on this topic was described by Alexander Shegolev, Fig.1

There is cone shape cut in metal ball and when it is heated by laser beam, the weight is changed. The reason for it is asymmetry in heat flow in such sort working body. Development of the experiment can lead us to understanding of the nature of the gravitation field. The experiment for it is proposed to detect weight changes in center of heat mass rotation. It is assumed here that the circulation of heat mass (hot water, liquid metal, plasma and so on) is analogy with electric current coil where magnetic field of known structure is produced. In this case the heat current in closed circuit is considered as reason for gravitation field.

There are suppositions to work on it for local temporal changes technology that can be used for radioactivity reduction, medical aspects and in other applications.

Asymmetry in system can be organized to move it by means of entropy gradient, that was described in paper Propulsion.

In this proposal there is the asymmetry is different level of kinetic energy: in right part of the system there is  some macro impulse that produce the trust for the system at whole, and in left part of the system the impulse of the reactive flow should be transformed in chaotical molecular impulses those in total sum is zero impulse. By this way closed system can move itself in space without reactive flow. Possibility for it was described in paper Gravitation Conception and it was demonstrated in simple experiment.

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