reported by Alexander V. Frolov in 1996, International Conference "New Ideas in Natural Sciences", St.-Petersburg

Power from electric potential field
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Papers "Work" and "Power" , it is old Tesla's idea and patent. Potential changes is Power.

The gap between electrodes, battery powered transistor generator, lamp as load.

Idea: acceleration in potential field.          Adjusting process
Please, read my paper Work for description of the experiment and conception of the process.

Gravitics experiments
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Two masses in center and spring between masses. Thread hold the spring. Then the spring pushed the masses to left and to right direction. In right side there is elastic matter and the moving mass will transfer its kinetic energy to the system. Left mass will interact to transform its kinetic energy into the heat mainly. So, kinetic energy is transfered to right and it is transformed in left part of the system. Difference can be described as entropy gradient. It is "entropy drive".

 According to theory, after interaction all system is shifted to right side direction. The reason is described in paper Work . The original version of the experiment was published in Popular Science, 1935, vol.126.

Magnet experiments
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There is no deceleration of the rotor for some magnets superposition