Gyroscope for propulsion

It was proposed and tested experimentally by  N.A.Kozyrev  the way for new kind of  propulsion by means of interaction with physical time. The method to use active properties of time to change the energy of the system was tested in experiments with gyroscope rotation. There are number of experiments to prove it, for example, known experiments were produced by Prof. Hideo Hayasaka, Dr. Haruo Tanaka, Prof. Toshiyuki Hashida, Tokushi Chibachi from Tohoku University, Japan.

There are important aspect discovered by N.Kozyrev that was not mentioned by others: to create impulse exchange between mechanical system and physical time it is necessary to use both rotation and axial vibration. In Japan scientists experiments the falling gyroscope is one of version for rotation plus axial motion and for this case right spinning gyro and left spinning gyro produced different weight changes.

By Time Rate Control (TRC) theory the trajectory of mass should be the helical spiral line and by this way the results can be developed and the effect can be increased up to practical applications level.

This energy exchange between physical time and some material system means real possibility to change space-time energy balance, i.e. to control the rate of time. It is small energy level experiments and changes of curvature are very small. Many scientists reported a calculation for vacuum energy value in some volume of space. In my paper "Calculations..." of 1994 it was mentioned the detection of temporal changes for such sort experiments is the question of power level only. In principle, it is working always: if the system is moving in space without any reactive mass flow it means that there is some small or great chronal (time axis) reaction. You can read my papers on it and  Dr. Puthoff's comments. There is also joint paper with Dr. T.E.Bearden that I would like to introduce for you.

Some simple home laboratory level experiment can be produced to demonstrate the claim.
In my version of 22 July 1999 it was found the force about 0.1 - 0.05N and the direction of the force is depend of clock-wise or counter-clock-wise kind of rotation. This is new demonstration of gravity asymmetry that was reported by scientists of Tohoku University for right spinning and left spinning gyroscope.

In my version of experiment the axial motion of falling gyroscope was changed to orbital motion. Vibration of the system are equal in both axial directions, but in sum with disk rotation it produce right or left helical motion of mass. Before it was detected that only right spinning gyro induced the weight changes. In strength of this gravity asymmetry the propulsion is possible.
You can download short MPEG file about this expeirment.

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