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Cause Mechanics
by Prof. N.A.Kozyrev
    I prepared here short review of well-known in Russia N.Kozyrev's work. Most papers are not published in English and there is an idea:  to find the Publisher. There are some practical ways for new technologies based on Kozyrev's theory.

    Review of the papers for future book:
The Nature of Star Energy on the base of analysis of observational data

    The conclusion from astronomical observation was made about star energetics: any star is some machine that transform incoming energy in heat radiation. There is not inner source of energy inside of the star. The possibility to use incoming energy flow exist in all space-time. It was proposed that  in strength of some active properties the time can influence to matter energetics to be the source of life in The Universe. It was calculated the density and other parameters of star matter in the mode of transformation "time flow energy-to-heat energy". Concluded that the output energy depend of the volume of matter. It was proposed the time is not spreading but it is creating in all Universe at the moment and by this reason telecommunication by means of the time properties can be instant one.

Volume is 14 pages. Published at first in 1991.

Cause or asymmetrical mechanics in linear approximation
    N.A.Kozyrev calculated the conditions for matter of star if it is working as transformer of time form energy into heat energy. It was concluded that the transformation is several electrodynamical processes but in general any closed mechanical system can produce energy also if it asymmetrical system. The asymmetry for mechanics by Kozyrev is cause-effect principal asymmetry and if the mechanical system include the non-reversible cause-effect connection it can take the energy from the time flow. It is the theoretical base for any kind perpetual motion system.
    In the papers is defined the Cause and the Effect notions. Postulated 5 properties of the Cause-Effect connections. There is definition and formula for velocity of the time flow. It was proposed and experimentally demonstrated: the time introduce paired equal and opposite forces into the system.
    N.Kozyrev demonstrated in gyroscope experiments facts: the time energy can be transferred to the experimental system. It was proposed also the other possibility: the energy of the system can be transferred to the time energy. In other words, the time flow can be accelerated or decelerated by means of energy exchange with special asymmetrical mechanical or electrodynamical system.
    In this paper N.A.Kozyrev described two extreme cases for mechanics: for velocity of time that is equal to zero there is quantum mechanics of atom world where there are no cause-effect connections. For velocity of time equal to infinity there are only stable cause-effect connections for any processes and it is the Newton mechanics. Real world exist for some real velocity of time between zero and infinity.
    Some vibrational gyroscope in weight machine experiments were described in the paper.
    Important conclusion was made about possibility to increase vital anti-entropy processes in biological systems.

Volume is 56 pages. Published at first in 1958.

Cause mechanics and possibility for experimental investigation of the time properties
    In this paper N. Kozyrev wrote about matter and time connection, described three cause-effect axioms, determined physical sense of the velocity of time flow, published important experimental data. In his experiments the weight of gyroscope is changing when the weight machine is connected with the gyroscope with vibrational system. Weight changes were detected about 100 mg. This weight changes depend of frequency by some discrete law.

Volume is 25 pages. Published at first in 1962

Unknown World

    In this work it was demonstrated organic matter possibility to get free energy for vital processes by means of transformation of time form energy. There is definition for "density of time". It was published experimental data for measurement of the density of time in different places of the planet.
    It was claimed the density of time can be changed: near any Cause it is more rare and near any Effect it is more dense.
    N.Kozyrev wrote about possibility to use the physical properties of time for biological kind of telecommunication. i.e. for telepathy. This telecommunication can not screened and it is instant.
    In this paper it was proposed to screen the time by means of certain process, in other words: it is possible to create in some local area the compensation of the natural time flow by corresponding physical process.

Volume is 17 pages. Published at first in 1964.

The way to space
    N.Kozyrev wrote about irrational rocket method of space exploration and he proposed to use his theory to find connection between gravitation and time to built antigravitation spacecraft. The force that will move the spaceship in this case should be produced by means of changes of physical properties of time. In other words it is the warp drive.

Volume is 5 pages. Published at first in 1969.

On possibility for experimental investigation of the time properties

    N.Kozyrev wrote about biological system possibility to use the time flow as the source of the vital process energy, the life energy. He described experiments with gyroscope and several methods to introduce cause-effect asymmetry in mechanical system . The value of the velocity of time flow was calculated. It was detected seasonal changes of the density of time produced by vital processes in the Nature.
    In this paper it was determined some function between density of matter that is used in experiments and density of time.

Volume is 28 pages. Published at first in 1971.

Astronomical observations by means of physical properties of the time

    In the paper N.Kozyrev determined from experiments the value and the sign of the time flow: it is positive in clock-wise co-ordinate system.
    It was experimentally proved the changes in density of the time:
In area of entropy processes (dissipation, heating of matter, melting of ice, evaporation of liquids, fading of plants) it was detected the "radiation of additional time", by N.Kozyrev.
In area of opposite processes (cooling of matter, freezing of water) it was detected the "absorption of time", by N.Kozyrev.
    There is description for mechanical and electromagnetic detectors of the density of time changes N. Kozyrev used in his experiments.

Volume is 21 pages. Published at first in 1977.

On time to matter influence
    The paper is about N.Kozyrev's experiments to detect the production of additional time flow by means of special detectors in area of dissipation and evaporation processes.
    It was assumed the Sun is not only time absorption system but time flow production system also. This small component of the time structure is very important since it is ordered and it introduce the anti-entropy organizing effect in any natural process. It was proposed to use this organizing life effect to increase the vital processes of biological systems.

Volume is 10 pages. Published at first in 1982.

On possibility to reduce mass and weight under active properties of time

        Experimental data were published to demonstrate the weight changes in material system when some non- reversible deformations or heating were created. The nature of time and matter-time interaction was investigated by this way.

        Volume is 6 pages. Published at first in 1984.