Electromagnetic Spacecraft
 Technology was reported on International Conference "New Ideas in Natural Sciences" St.Petersburg, 1996
by Academician Gennady F. Ignatyev,
Russia, 660041, Krasnoyarsk, Kurtchatov Str. 9B -70

  Paper about N.Tesla's experiment in Colorado
 Paper about electromagnetic drive for spacecraft
Tesla's tower and its version in Krasnoyarsk was built by Academician Ignatyev's group for high voltage research work  Next picture: Space-time demonstrate itself in experiments and it is possible to measure its real physical properties: electric and magnetic permittivity.

Any element of space-time can be considered as some LC resonance circuit. It is picture of the prototype: four meter diameter system that produce 60 N propulsion force when it is powered. It is two 90 degree phase shifted  LC circuit. Toroidal capacitor, I think, is an analogy with Tesla's single terminal C that is connected to coil L.

The force is created when the field is rotating, so the coils are powered in 90 degree phase shifted current. Some device of closed electric and closed magnetic field that is necessary to create constant Poynting vector by Academician Ignatyev.
July 8, 1999 I received letter from Academician G.F.Ignatyev and his permission for re-publication of his report in English.