by Alexander V. Frolov
POB 37, St.-Petersburg, 193024, Russia

Some images are presented here to demonstrate this technology is not something complex, but in general the ideas are very simple. I need help to patent it and to work on dissertation in some experimental laboratory.

T-shape capacitor is the method to get co-directional electric forces those are acting on positive and negative plates of the capacitor.

Some simple expeirments were made to detect the force:

Red and grey wires (output of high voltage source) connected to T-capacitor by means of thin wires

Now the power is "on" and weight-machine demonstrate the change of the weight.

You can download MPEG short file about other experiment. Sure, technological details will take several years to get commercially available project but it is the question of financial power only. There are many information about the topic, for example it is well-known  patents by T.T.Brown, but main technological methods can be described in several words: it is asymmetry in electric charged surface, asymmetry (gradient) in properties of dielectrics or in its topology. I developed the idea in some papers to prove single terminal (electrically charged body) can be used as drive if it is creating asymmetrical (gradiental) electrical field around itself. When people think about the idea there is a problem to understand where is the "second plate" of this capacitor. If you know N.Tesla's work, there is no such sort question. But in general the answer is difference between single terminal and "potential on infinity distance" that is equal to zero. So, second plate is not necessary and simple hemisphere will produce some trust if it is electrically charged. There are special methods to increase the effect and this technology can be made for low voltage also, for example for 1000V instead of 50 kV T.T.Brown and others used.

Sure, in my home laboratory there are no "flying saucers" but some force can be detected easy.

In this version of experiment a plastic disk was used as a base for two electrodes: flat aluminum foil (right side on photo) and cylindrical copper electrode (left side). There is only one wire that is connected to high voltage source of 3 KV. Force direction here is from right to left.

Rotation in this case is produced by asymmetry of electric potential field structure in dielectric area between cylinder and flat plate.

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