A letter from Alexander Frolov
St. Petersburg, Russia

Ref. to Michelson-Morley experiment. I'm sure that we have not correct information and results of this experiment now are falsified. Michelson-Morley find real difference between rate of light in one direction and in opposite direction when we have V+C and V-C, where V is velocity of rotation of earth. I saw update from Galilean Electrodynamics by Petr Beckman, 1991-1992. My conclusion is that space of certain mass-object is result of such process as existence of this mass. Any mass-object has own curvature of space that multiplied with more global curvature and so on.

Ref. to Casimir effect of 1948. It is possible to consider the vacuum by super-elastic medium model.
Space energy push the plates together. I think that model of electrogravitational or EM longitudinal
waves can be applied for this explanation also.

Ref. to Richard A. Muller. Yes, of course, part of global ether must be moving if local mass-object create own curvature and this local ether is moving or rotating.

Ref. to Hal Puthoff. Yes, electron is tapping the free energy from space. Any mass-object does it. It is process of creation-radiation of mass-object. It is balance of gravitation-radiation. Mass is process but not static thing. All material world is global energy-informational process. Step by step or frame by frame The World is changing. We see as energy change its form: from time-form or curvature energy of fourth dimension to mass form (it is gravitational effect) and then from mass-form to radiation. It is easy to calculate that curvature of hydrogen ground state is equal to unity.

Ref. to Puthoff note about unipolar gravitational  interaction. In my model of inertia it is question of
vector potential. In any case of rotation such potential lead to curve-motion and acceleration. Then F=Ma and we have inert force or gravitational  force. The structure of vacuum can be explained
only in higher topology system. We can see free space in some place or "vacuum", but it is only one
three-dimensional point-momentum or frame of space-time. In next momentum we'll be able to see
matter-mass-process in this place. We must use dynamic description of vacuum but all that we have
for it is note and term of vector potential.

Ref. to inertia as tends of mass to remain at rest. For free energy experiments most of researches use
electrical potential or vector potential of magnetic field. But is necessary to understand that  gravitational potential can be used for it, also. We have the same tends of energy to "remain at rest" in electro-magnetic transformer. When we try to increase density of energy (density of current) in primary coil we can observe the tends against this change of space-time balance. When we try to decrease density of current we will observe "help" from vacuum. It is the same phenomenon of inertia. It can be used in free energy systems. We must work only with decreasing half-period.

All potential can be used for creation of work in load. But it is more easy to change polarity of EM
interaction to change negative work of field to positive than change polarity of mass to anti-mass.
But it is possible since there are ideas of reversive time and mass. It is not positron-electron. It is
photon-antiphoton question.

Ref. to "inertial and gravitation masses can be similarly affected". Please, see my article.

Ref. to Pons-Fleischmann update. I have all information about it from Nature 1989 - 1994. I'm
sure that it is free energy example but not thermonuclear fusion. The most interesting approach I saw in papers of Robert Bush, California. I stopped my own work with this idea since there are
possibilities of secondary neutrons radiation when process is beginning. It is not possible work in home with this simple system.

Ref. to Faraday question "whether it is necessary for there to be relative motion the magnet and the
conductor to establish induction." I saw a very detailed analysis of Dr. Mueller. USA, that was
published in Galilean Electrodynamics. My conclusion is that the reason of induction is interaction of charged particles and magnetic field that is the special state of ether and is not connected to magnet. It is possible explain why we have phenomenon of induction in Dr. Hooper systems without magnetic field. This special state of vacuum is special state of spacetime, or the special organization. We have vector potential as change of dimensionality. It is the reason. Prof. Oleg Jefimenko, University of West Virginia shows that magnetic field is only factor of delay in cause-effect relations. Of course, we can work without this delay in free energy over-unity mode to get power in load

Ref. to N-machine. I have a simple example of this system. It is interesting that I used  water-electrolyte as rotor instead of metal disk. Theoretically we can begin process of rotation by means of external potential applied to axis electrode and to periphery. Then we'll have free energy and self-rotation process of water vortex.

Ref. to Adams Motor. It is a mechanical system. But it is possible to use potential for rotor-stator
interaction by simpler ways.

Ref. to your note on p.13 that "magnets can store excess energy in air gaps." I think that it is a
question of mutual-induction of two coils. Any ferrite magnet is system of two magnets: the ferrite core and virtual outsider coil in air around it. As magnetic constants are different for ferrite and air we have asymmetry of mutual induction coefficients L12 and L21. By this way magnet have free energy from vacuum that is necessary for its ordering. In opposite case the heat (entropy) will disordering and demagnetized inside part of this set of two magnets. The phenomenon of induction is possible if we have oscillation of energy density. In this case it is ZP frequency.

Ref. to T. Bearden's paper. "The Final Secret of Free Energy." He sent it to me and I learned it. I'm sure of this approach but it is a way for special materials with relaxation times. The similar approach is used by N. Tesla when he transmitted electro energy along single wire. Now in Russia this  direction of research is used by Avramenko group. It is the question of dielectrical constant in metals. It is possible to create the current of polarization in metal similar to such type of current in dielectric. In a more general sense it is the question of multi-logic, multi-polarity and so on. I think that you don't see papers of V.V. Lensky. Russia, University of Irkutsk, 1986. The name in English means "The Foundations of Many-Polarity." According to Lensky, it is possible to work with negative-positive electrical interactions to create three polarity interactions or more than  three-polarity. The gravity according to Lensky is uni-polar. Example of three-polarify is not
plus/minus/something but it is A-B-C interaction. The current of such form can be moving in dielectric. Three-polarity field is biologically active. I'm  interested in these ideas. It is part of the conception of gradual dimensionality of space-time. For a person it is question of non-discrete logic (warp logic, in modern terms. Author's note of 1999). We must go away from two-points system of linear logic "yes no" in higher topology system that have area of solutions.