the APU UFO Contact

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part 3

Another contact - this from saturday 4 June 1960

The mornings in the lane of Huaylas (where I lived), has some very singular
and attractive manifestations that are different from any other place. The great
volume of the Rio Santa in its run to the Pacific, has dug its channel so deep as
to try to bathe with its cold waters the warm heart of the Earth itself.
With this impudent restlessness the Santa has cut its way through hills and
around peaks, separating this part of the western Cordillera and its ramparts:
One covered by perpetual snows; the other with meadows and prairies, and it in
the middle of both, proud to be the offspring of the Andes, flowing to the Pacific
and flirting with its two majestic admirers which have accompanied it since birth.

That morning, the first Saturday of the month of June, the region was as
attractive as ever. The Sun with its rays illuminated the snowfields of the
Cordillera Blanca (White Range) with its reflections upon the banks of the Rio
Santa, where it harmonized its brilliance with the colors of the flowered fields.
During the three weeks before, I had made various excursions into the
mountains without encountering those strangers. I thought that they had
changed their route, and this pleased me for many reasons. 

But this excursion began with the first break of day, and when the sun came up I was climbing heights in the direction of the Milwagocha Snowfield on the peaks between The Rios Cedros and Kitaraqsa. That day nobody accompanied me, for which I
decided to visit the places most broken up, because when accompanied the
selection of those places to visit, depended on the joint determination of both
parties, which usually was contrary to my choice.

It was about 10:00 in the morning when I reached the top of the rise in front of
Huaylas (picture up), above Duck Canyon. I had been walking since 05:00 and decided to
rest, to observe with binoculars, the highest peaks of the surroundings.
Suddenly I discovered in the distance of more or less 1,000 meters, an
apparatus of those visitors, of a like model and color as that which I had seen
some four weeks ago, when I met Ivanka.

Sincerely I did not like this, but I was already in the place, so I decided to
approach out of curiosity. After having rested some minutes I headed toward the
ship. When I got to within some hundreds of meters of it, I was surprised to see
that through a crag in the rocks, a short distance from the ship, I could see a
group of people. This worried me a little because I did not know the Quechua
language and was without a companion to interpret.

I worried about understanding the residents, but with those strangers I would
have no problems since they spoke all languages with perfection. Despite my
worries I then proceeded. Dozens of meters before the place a stranger met and
received me. I had not seen him before, and that surprised me a little, and I tried
to talk to him while we walked, so as to diminish my worry.

"Don't be alarmed, my friend." The stranger said. "We will not bother you, but
we are glad, because we are only investigating with sincere commitment, to
obtain the truth and a positive result."

In the confusion I did not take notice of his declaration, nor did I understand
that the stranger with his counsel was referring to the denunciation that I had
made to the Commissariat some days before.

Then we were in front of the ship, and when the door opened out came
Ivanka. Despite my not liking the visitors, when I saw Ivanka I felt a little more
calmed. Perhaps because I had spoken with her some hours in the previous
encounter. She received me smiling and indicated that my visit pleased her.
"This is our friend Zen." She said, presenting me to the stranger that had met

"Is he also Apunian?" I asked in sincerity.
"Yes, my friend, or course. To the Earth very few times come other
Extraterrestrial people who are not from Apu. For other civilizations the Earth is
not so interesting, but it is for us because it is a part of Apu and the Terrestrials
are our brothers."

The words of Ivanka sounded like friendly joke and made me smile.
"Shall we go into the ship or shall we sit out here?" She asked.
"As you like." I answered.
"Let us go inside then. I believe it is more positive there. We can observe on
the screens if anything is of interest."
We went inside. The interior was identical to that of the ship seen before.
I sat in a big chair; she sat in another one in front of me.

"I don't believe that we will be, molested by your frank denunciation of the
other night. Your action is absolutely normal." Ivanka said with a happy

This surprised me. I remained paralyzed. I felt fear and much
embarrassment. What devils had advised them of my intention? How did they
know? This was for me incomprehensible. 

"Perhaps the Sergeant is their accomplice," I thought. I was speechless. I couldn't answer anything. 

She understood my change and laughed in an outburst of amusement.
"Listen, my friend," She said, "Man, to get to the truth, progress, and
knowledge, must work, study and practice. You have only tried to comply with
the rules established by your society. If they had not been made, you would not
have tried to comply with your own social rule, nor to discover our origin. The
sincere effort to know the unknown, clear up the confusion, see the invisible and realize the imaginable, is the only road to knowledge. The evolution and
progress of all civilization, is the result of a constant search of the unknown."
Underlined Ivanka, making an amenable gesture to me.

"Who has contacted you that I tried to denounce you?"

"Please, leave off your thoughts on this. I have already explained our opinion
in this case. Forget it! Who cares?"

"Very well, I will forget; but did you say the confusion was positive? Why do
you not want to clarify what I am asking?"

"If you must know, look at that screen. It is going to show all." Indicated
Ivanka smiling.

In that screen I saw Quispe and I parting from Pedro, just like it happened that
night when the stranger accompanied us, illuminating the path with his halo of
diurnal light. Then followed all the events of my parting with Quispe, my
entrance into my house, the meditation and analysis of the reasons that resulted
in my denunciation, my conversation with the Sergeant and all the jokes that
were made by the two guards upon my declaration, after which I had left the
Commissariat. To disappear from that place had been the only way to acquit
myself of my shame. I felt such embarrassment at having been accepted after
that, that I would have thrown myself into any abyss to avoid looking at the face
of Ivanka. 

She noticed my distress, came over to my side, and affectionately
said: "My friend, why are you punishing yourself so? You must understand that you have done nothing bad."

In that moment I began to feel a recuperation of my animated state. Soon I
came to see the advantage of my discussing with her the theme as if nothing of
harm had been done.

"I am OK, Senorita." I said decidedly, "I had intended to denounce you
because I did not know who you really were nor what you wanted in that place. I
denounced you that time, but nobody believed me, and it only provoked jokes by
the people, because nobody there believed me."

Ivanka released a laugh. After laughing a moment she looked at me and
spoke to me comprehensively:
"My friend, you could shout to the whole world and speak of our presence, but
nobody would believe you now and perhaps not for a very long time. But that is
of no interest now. Nobody should accept our existence by persuasion. Please,
never try to convince any person to believe that we exist or that we visit the Earth
or any other planet."

"I will not try that again." I answered sincerely, because I remember the ironic
sharpness with which the Sergeant reacted to my denuncification."

There was a moment of silence. Ivanka paged a book of verse written by a
Peruvian Poet. Zen observed the central figure in the Gate of the Sun at
Tiajuanacu, sculptured in miniature by some artesian of that place, copied
faithfully from the enormous original sculpture placed at the entrance to the
Grand Central that, they suppose, was for some ceremonial ritual. I was
surprised to see those objects in his hands because, before the interruption of
the conversation, I had not seen anything of the sort around him. Zen possibly
understood my thought and put it under his chair where he pulled out a drawer of
a material similar to velvet, the same which was full of miniature works of the
South American Continent made at different times.

I wondered what else my chair could have in its double bottom, and it
occurred to me to ask. Suddenly, from below, in the bottom of my seat came a
drawer and in continuation another from the seat of Ivanka. The drawer in my
seat contained leaves of trees, chips of wood and petals of flowers, but that of
Ivanka contained books, magazines and samples of textured fabric. It showed
me that every chair was like a storage center composed of various boxes of
different sizes. Ivanka, understanding my curiosity, was complacent and smiled.
She wanted to tell me something but Zen spoke first.

"All our furniture and ships have double bottoms and walls to have space for
disposition. Also the double walls are necessary to protect us from space

"Why are you carrying all of this when you can obtain and transport it by
means of disintegration?" I asked in a lightly joking manner.

"There are many reasons for which we carry what you have seen. It is true
that we can disintegrate and reintegrate matter to its smallest particle. Also we
have come to attain immortality, almost annul time, travel in the highest
velocities, and many other powers to correct the nature or negativity of things.
But this is not all. Every instant of time is different in its form, duration and event.

This is a law of nature with which it is related to days, years, work, the necessity
of things, and the means to correct the negative and obtain the positive. What
yesterday was, today is not, and tomorrow will be distinct or does not exist for us
now. Nothing is identical and all has differences and transformations in every
instant. Meanwhile the movement is a principle factor of existence."

I felt bored by such philosophy asserted by the stranger, of which I
understood almost nothing, for which I decided to ask something different to
change the theme.

"Tell me, Zen," I interrupted, "What is the cause that is motivating your visit to

Ivanka smiled. I don't know if her smile was inspired by some phrase in the
book that she paged, or for my question, but to me it did not matter. Zen showed
an expression of joy and looking at me answered:
"In the Apunian it is congenital to protect the cells by whatever aid to the
beings of the Universe, which is the essential cause of our visit. We could not
exist without fulfilling this precept. We are visiting many places and we aid all
that we find during the trip. The different frequency of our visits to certain places
of the Earth is related to the greater or lesser amount of works that there are
there to be done in each place, works for Apunians. These works date from
anterior epochs and after the explosion of Apu."

"It is certain that, as you say, we are able to see all that we desire in the
screens of time, but when we are here, it is positive to make contact with our old
works. Observe on the screen." Ivanka said.

I turned my head and saw in the screen in front of me, an immense multitude
of people in movement. Then there appeared some machines like globes, others
flying plates, and others like airplanes of very small size. All were flying a few
meters above the surface, dispensing from their interior a flow, like a vapor, but
with a force sufficient to make obstacles disappear, such as rocks, boulders and
shrubs; leaving the ground smooth and clean. Thus they obtained an immense
field of hundreds of square kilometers cleaned off as if in a state ready for

Then enormous stones worked to perfection and intelligently guided, fell like
blocks of snow in those respective places of construction, according to the plans
of the architects. And thus they constructed buildings and streets. I was
surprised to see what enormous stones with a size similar to the walls of some
houses of two stories, fell as slowly as if they were made of paper, and one
person could guide several with only one hand or with simple gust of air. I
thought again of hypnotic suggestion and closed my eyes so as not to continue
seeing "lies" invented by who knows whom. Moments later a hand touched my
right shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw Ivanka was observing me with

"My Friend, continue believing what your mind imagines, but I must tell you
that that is what you are really seeing. The stones that fall upon that pampa are
degravitated and only have the weight necessary to prevent them from
disappearing into space during the transport work. That is one of the methods
employed by the Apunians in construction. We will accelerate the exposition in
the screen only so that you can see the city constructed, and also its destruction.
Watch the screen, please." She asked me courteously.

I looked in the screen to comply with her request, and saw an immense city
constructed according to a rare architecture, in which I saw no right angles any
place. Its design resembled a butterfly, and the forests that could be seen on its
outskirts adorned its enchantment, making a surprising city.

"What did they call, or do they call this city?" I asked Ivanka.

"When they finished its construction they gave it the name Kutzak, because
that was the name of the Apunian who directed the labor, a word that over the
transcourse of time was changed to Qosgo or Cuzco, the actual name of the city
today. That was one of the three most important cities and centers of
disembarkation that were made by the Apunians during their second population
of the Earth. In that city, Kutzak, the Apunians established the first actual
Terrestrial chemical industry, and was one of the best of near space until the
deluge flooded and destroyed it.

"Did you say Deluge?" I asked.
"Yes, my friend." Responded Zen. "The egoism and ambitions originated the
cataclysmic storms, so disastrous that they broke the equilibrium of the planet.
Thus the equatorial line then occupied the place of a meridian and vice versa.
As a consequence it destroyed the major constructions that the Earth had then,
from which it was separated from Apu. Look at the screen." He suggested and I

I looked at that apparatus and saw that a tremendous and incredible
atmospheric catastrophe shook the Terrestrial planet, and it was enveloped by
roiling clouds. strange and indescriptive hurricanes, thunderclaps and cyclones
of winds pushed the Earth as though it were a leaf, and when it ended, that
turbulent destruction, the surface of the Earth was depopulated of plants, animals
and humans. The poles had been converted to an equatorial position and that to
a meridian line. The place where before had been an immense pampa with the
impressive city of Kutzak, had been converted to crags and ravines of profound
depths, covered with gigantic dispersed stones, coming from that fantastic
construction that had been the pride of Earth. Only in three places can one see
the considerable amount of ruins for which the observer can give account in that
region where had existed an indescribable construction.
"What a most frightening account!" I then exclaimed spontaneously, and it
made me think on that without knowing that it pertained to me. To believe or not
to believe what I saw in that incomprehensible apparatus was my only problem in
this moment.

"Yes, my friend, it was surprising and very negative. That event originated an
irreparable retrogression in the advance of man, and a problem for us. It has
been the cause also, of various phenomena that emerged and subsists even to
today. The cause of that catastrophe destabilized a part of space, for which
motive our flying cities have had difficulty for hundreds of thousands of yeas, in
their voyages in the MilkyWay.

"Space is summarily complicated, full of mysteries and unknowns, and the
unknowns abound at every step. These difficulties affect our visits to this
Galaxy, but like in the present decades the Milky Way is displacing itself to some
very positive zones of space, offering opportunities to visit all of its planets and
systems; to which also is due our frequent visits and longer stays on the
Terrestrial surface. It is not always so easy to approach to each Galaxy."
Underlined Zen.

"What happened to the other cities that were constructed in the second
"Equal fortune was suffered by all. Of some remained parts not totally
destroyed or not totally buried under all. Of others...nothing. But all were
reached by the tempest. We knew that our visit would surprise the Terrestrials
as would be natural. The inhabitants of other planets also were surprised when
they came into contact with us. Some saw us with tranquility, but the majority
were frightened, Very few have understood that we are simple travelers, and
that we are investigating the difficulties of space life, to inform us completely on
what supports the beings of the populated planets."

I was left with nothing to say. It is difficult to relax, to organize ones thoughts
when at each glance one sees some thing unusual, surprising and incredibly
rare. Every word of those strangers brought a surprising notice that alarmed me,
and meanwhile I tried to recuperate the serenity with which I entered the ship of
those companions of Ivanka whom I had not seen before. She stopped and
presented them to me.

"This is Amin and that one is Dius," she said for effect.
Dius extended his hand, and I did the same. The same was done with Amin.
The two then sat down and began to tell me what they had been experiencing
during the trip they flew on. Suddenly Dius extracted from his pocket a small cap
made of the skin of a rabbit. I was surprised to see that article, and it made me
wonder how he had obtained it and why he was interested in having it.

Ivanka understood my thought and looking attentively said:
"The beauty of Terrestrial life is distorted by its own inhabitants. Man, for
being an intelligent and perfected entity, very little does he worry about
facilitating life by using his knowledge to create and discover things without
having to sacrifice other beings. On the contrary he believes he has the right to
exploit and use for his own benefit all the beings that live here, including his
similars. He raises the animals with care, as if they were sincere friends; then he
submits them to sufferings. From them he uses their forces for work, his cunning
for diversion. Their sufferings for some produces pleasure, and later he kills
them to eat their flesh, and even prepares from their skin capricious gifts, without thinking that all those beings have an equal right to live, and that each one is sensible to pain, to maltreatment or to love."

"In the Apunian society," she continued, "it is different. There all those living
beings are the owners of their existence until they terminate their cycle of life
according to the laws of nature. For the Apunians the life of those other beings
takes first place, and second that of themselves. The plants, the animals and the
humans are a product of the same mother and all have an equal right to live out
their cycle without suffering originated by others."

"Then what do Apunians eat?" I asked in a jocular way, despite having
witnessed on the screens the foods and alimentation of their society."

"The Apunian alimentation is made up of concentrated compounds in their
major part of minerals, seeds and fruits and vegetation." Responded Amin.

"I showed you the last time, in the screen, the dining facilities and the rules to
which I was submitted when I ate for the first time on Apu." Interrupted Ivanka,
reminding me of the scenes of their life, described previously. 

"The most negative aspect that the Terrestrial inhabitants practice, is to take the life of another being for alimentation or other things. Alimentations of this kind,
together with the harsh solar rays, is one cause of the peculiar aggressiveness,
the egotism, and an enormous chair of cellular destabilization of structures of
your organism."

"For what does that cap serve? Perhaps it is not sufficient what you know
about us?" Asked Dius.

"In reality, my friend, for us there are no secrets in any part of the Universe,
but we are accustomed to possess these objects made by means of an activity
so negative, because they serve to show to the inhabitants of other planets
which we help to overcome the negative. There are those who have forms of life
similar to that of the Terrestrials, but we are trying with all commitment to form
among those groups positives of persons whose cells contain less negative
composition in their atoms, for which little by little they become more positive to
the others." Said Dius.

"This also serves for the same objective." Interrupted Amin, showing me a
couple of bullets for a rifle.
"Where did you get those?" I asked.
"In the surroundings of the city of Piura, where the soldiers carried out
maneuvers during the last week." He responded.
"You have returned to Apu since we saw you that last time?" I asked Ivanka,
to change the theme.

"I, yes, I came back only yesterday; but they have come to Earth for the first
time. We came together."

"Do you like the Terrestrial life? What do you say? Is it getting better or
continuing the same?" I asked.

"The fundamental, my friend, for the life of beings here on the Earth, and in
any other part of the Universe, is the union, the work, the study and the PEACE.
Without those factors, there is only sacrifices but not life. To obtain this essence
that nourishes life, the Terrestrials must replace money, the aggression (for it),
and the egotism, with other factors."

"To eliminate Money!" I thought... releasing an outburst of laughter. They
smiled also. I felt that their smiles were inspired by my incomprehension, ego
and jocularism, which did not please me. I remembered the mockery of the
Sergeant and his intent to overlook me.

"Pardon me. It is just that my form of thinking is different and, according to
you all, I have a right to express my opinion."

"We do not forget, my friend." Answered the three almost together. Ivanka
smiled and then looking at me said:
"You are progressing. Only the sincere try to correct themselves by
recognizing their errors." 

There was a small silence. I looked at my watch. It was nearly 18:00. I stood up with the intention of taking my leave of those strangers, to be able to get back to Huallanca before dark. 

The three "Apuianos" and Ivanka accompanied me to the door of the ship and I went outside. The Sun descended behind the mountain, leaving the snowy peaks until the following day. Several shepherds could be seen in groups at some hundreds of meters distance, as if they waited for me to come out. I said good bye to them also, and taking a path which was, according to my opinion, the shortest possible, I headed out. As I did so, one of the campesinos followed me and reaching me, said:
"My friend, if you are going to Huallanca, we can go together because I also
am going there."

"Very well, my friend, let us go." I responded, since I felt fatigue and felt a
desire to talk to a legitimate Terrestrial.

"Then let us go there, because that path that you have selected is much
longer. To go to the right will make it too long."
"Let us go where you like, but, please, hurry. I have haste. What do you think
of those visitors? They talked a long time."

"Yes. Too long." He responded courteously.

"They are good people. They know many things and are quite sensitive," I
said with the accent of that place.
"What is your name?" I asked
"Manuel." He responded.
"Do you know, Manuel, I have wondered why, and from where come these
'good people', to this place so rugged and alone. For what reason? Do you
know of what nationality they are?" I asked to sound out his opinion.

"How? They have not said that they are extraterrestrials?"
"Yes, but to whom do they pretend to engage with this story?"
"It is no story, senor. They say to the whole world that they are
extraterrestrials, who come from the planet Apu, located outside of our
constellation. They are very good people and can make whatever they desire to

I understood that Manuel thought like his other neighbors, and to see me
frustrated in my intent to obtain true information, verified, according to my
opinion, about the identity of those visitors.

I stopped talking. We spoke of nothing more until we parted in the city of

As was my custom, with nobody I could talk to about those rarities, I
incorporated them into my shift at work, which that day began at 20:00 hours.
Despite the surprises, jokes, doubts and very little in what I was experiencing,
my desire to continue searching to discover who those foreigners were was
faithful to my decision taken from the beginning.

Based on those declarations of the shepherds, of the campesinos, and of the
workers who at times accompanied me, the only thing that I could assure myself
of was that at times when I was accompanied, the only thing I could be assured
of, was the presence of those strangers for real, but whether they were
Terrestrials or Extraterrestrials and what was the reason for their visit, remained
to be ascertained. 

But despite all, I began to meditate on the comportment of
those foreigners in relation to my denuncification against them. If those beings
had been inhabitants of Earth, whatever was the motive for their visit, they would
certainly have been offended by my accusations against them to the Police, for
which they would make an investigation. This would irritate any Terrestrial.

But they felt indifferent to my efforts. On the contrary, my denouncement had
provoked such amusement as if in its place I had brought a bouquet of flowers. In
their opinion I had only tried to discover the truth about them, and this caused
admiration. I came to the conclusion that no Earth person would have reacted
on such a manner, that it ended in tranquility and acceptance of my threatening
actions, which could only be accepted by very positive beings, of extraordinary
powers to know the very thoughts of others, and with an elevated concept of
LOVE, Work and Study.

For the first time I took seriously the possibility that those visitors could really
be inhabitants of a distant planet in which there was no egotism, fear,
aggresivity, nor malintent, and I felt repentant for those actions that I had taken
against them up to this moment.