Animals Serving The Development Of Mankind

written by Birgit Klein
Posted Wed, 15-Mar-1995 23:13:18 GMT

Birgit Klein

Birgit Klein, born the 24. of April 1945 in Denmark, has a master degree in Psychology. Through intensive meditation she got the ability of hearing and in 1982 she became aware that she had a special mission bringing knowledge and messages from the spiritual world. By now she has written seven books, widespread in Denmark and Norway, of which three are translated into English.

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Dolphins And Other Living Beings Serving The Development Of Mankind

Each and every living being, from stone to plant, plant to animal, and animal to human being has its special place in the perfect, cosmic hierarchy. When human beings stop arrogantly seeing themselves as the most important creature in the universe, they will to an increasing extent open up themselves to the surroundings and sense those special "energies", vibrations or cosmic gifts, this opening and mutual connection can give.

The healing properties of gems and plants are being investigated and understood to an increasing extent in those cultures, where this original mutual connection else was forgotten. Through the interest in the old kinds of shamanism, the relationship to the animals are also beginning to appear within the human development in the New Age.

Just like a certain gem has certain "energies" or vibrations, which have an influence on the human organism in a certain way, you can experience a similar relationship with different animals.

The properties of the plants are investigated and have resulted in the development of among others dr. Bach's flower remedies. These remedies are taken as drops in homeopathic potency, but little by little it will be understood, that it also can be effective just to take a walk in nature and contact the living beings through ones own living consciousness. The plant Vervain can with its vibrations relieve human stress and fatigue, and it is actually enough just to contact this plant when you meet it, have it in your garden, or eventually just think of it, with the same results. This also concerns all the trees, which grows in that certain area of the planet.

If you e.g. need the vibrations of the beech, you can stand up beside it, hold a hand on it and simply ask the tree for help, and then open yourself up meditatively and thank the tree for its help and love, which comes from the eternal Divinity of the Universe.

As the cosmic consciousness is developing, it will be natural to move around on the planet this way. There will be a continuous quiet and meditative communication with all those living organisms you meet, and you will with an open and humble attitude receive the necessary help from the relevant beings, if moving around this way. The living organisms cannot help in themselves. But because they rest in perfection within their God and creator, this creator can send the necessary help through this certain relevant organism. However only if the receiver is sensitive enough.

Each single gem, plant, and animal, reflects a certain part of the Divine Univers, just as also every single human being does.

When the human beings' consciousness recognizes these laws, it will influence upon any kind of receiver function in the human being, whatever it is reception through action, feeling, or thought.

It will influence upon the way one understands, prepares and physically absorbs ones food. And finally, this altered perception of the surroundings will appear parallel to an increased opening unto the spiritual realms in general.

In the New Age it is important that the human consciousness develops within conditions of openness and multiplicity, without being tied to single secteric tendencies.

Therefore we will recommend to you who reads this to keep open and curious to all those areas within nature, which may help you development yourself by contacting them. It is important to be sensitive to both stones, plants, animals, other people, and the spiritual realms, e.g your spiritual guide(s). Do not get stuck, do not limit yourself within a restricted and fettered consciousness.

Move freely around, listen to and receive your own inner impulses and do only to a small extent use authorities within your spiritual development, as they usually tend to limit and restrict your freedom of action.

However, one animal has developed on this planet, which everyone can benefit from contacting. This is the dolphin.

Each single species of animal has its own special area, within which it has developed into some kind of perfection and balance.

At the same time there are certain groups of animals, which similarly are symbolizing and reflecting the most important of the dark or shady sides of the human being.

Imagine the animals inside a gigantic cosmic pyramide. At the bottom the "shadow-animals" are living, but they are necessary as the important messengers about the less perfect and shady sides of the whole of consciousness. Here we find e.g. the greedy and violently killing species of sharks and crocodiles.

Some animals symbolizes both shadows and higher energies, and this way become inportant symbols of the human struggle between ego and SELF (spirit). Among these are the spider and the snake.

Just like no human shadows should be suppressed, held down or be kept out, the whole hierarchy of animal beings must be regarded with love and understanding.

Within many cultures, also the Western ones which have estranged themselves from natural ways of living, animals have been adopted as domestic animals, without the human beings have realized that these contacts was a kind of new-shamanism, where the animals could contribute with their knowledge and cosmic powers, and the human beings in return could help the animals with their individualization, which is the precondition for the higher development of all beings.

Even more distinct has this new-shamanism appeared through the relations to the pets of our age, where especially the dog and the cat have been important. Also the horse has played a very important role to the human development, especially up through the 20th century.

The dog helps the human beings with their development, because it radiates energy from a perfectly developed solar plexus chakra. In reality this is of course not true with all dogs. But it is true for most of those dogs, which contributes to the development of the conscious or unconscious parts of a human being.

The perfection of the solar plexus expresses itself through the dog's devotion, loyality, and ability to always being the same, no matter the mood of the human being. It is also this open and balanced solar plexus which shows the human, what true and constant joy of reunion is. This social stability, where the dog always shouth with joy when you come home, is an excellent example of a balanced solar plexus. There is no pettiness or fussiness in any respect - always starting afresh and seeing each other in the shining light of the monent.

The dog demonstrates, that interdependence can be a beautiful thing when it is part of a higher agreement, which the relation between human and animal is. Within the solar plexus one will always be dependent upon others. But this dependency is not related to the shadows of the ego, with its unreasonable demands and expectations. It is an active and beautiful agreement, where both parts continually are able to show devotion to and affection for each other. In its dependency the dog will reflect the mood of the human being, but it will always be able to transform it positively in many ways. The dog will laugh with you when you are happy, and comfort you when you are unhappy. It shows the human being, how the solar plexus must function in the stages which precedes the actual integration of the ego into the SELF.

And it not only demonstrates this, but it actively takes part in the development of the human beings' solar plexus, so that the human being in the contact with the dog will become more and more tolerant, indulgent, and most of all grateful and able to forget grudge and projections of the past. Thereby the dog shows the human being how the inflation of the ego can be transformed into true humility, and when the human being takes these steps together with the dog, it will be easier to dissolve the ego into the SELF.

Many dogs similarly develop themselves very strongly when being close to human beings, and will within the following incarnations take the final individual step and move into a human chain of evolution.

The cat has quite different properties than the dog. This has lead to an increasing polarity among people who likes dogs, respectively cats. But actually the energy of the cat is a perfect supplement to that of the dog. It has namely developed its hara center or second chakra into perfection. This means that the cat is able to teach the human being how to develop his/hers hara center to a similar perfection.

When the cat is moving adroit around, when it with its strong instinct for hunting and sex unfolds itself with an inner and outer power, beauty, grace, and dynamics, it shows the human being the perfect balance between body and soul. This balance has its foundation in the hara chakra.

The cat is never greedy, but rests in a perfect cosmic balance within its body and its abilities.

This way it lives one hundred percent in the moment, and it lives in a freedom which is also characteristic for an open and balanced hara center.

The cat demonstrates that true love and devotion easily can thrive within an atmosphere of freedom. It demonstrates an independent love, which gives the human being its freedom. A mutual agreement is made, where the cat in freedom shows its devotion without demands and expectations, and where it at the same time assists in creating this inner freedom within the human being. Just like the dog it this way prepares the human being for the ego's integration within the SELF, by assisting in the necessary development within the hara chakra, as a basis for the development of the higher chakras.

The cat can also meditate! It has a very delicate and developed nervous system, which it, because of its eminent body/soul balance, is able to tune into certain frequencies which could be compared to meditation. When it purrs, it actually could be called contact-meditation. Apart from this it is able to put itself into a condition of inner cosmic peace, which corresponds to the meditation human beings are practising. It has a very fine and healing effect on human beings to have a sleeping/meditating cat on the lap.

The correlation and collaboration with the dog and the cat can be a conscious work concerning the development of the parties, but first of all it must have the character of play and ease. A very mental and brooding attitude reveals its shortcomings especially within these relationships. The key words are contact, respect and reciprocity, in a playful collaboration.

The horse has usually been through a more complex process of development than the dog and the cat. But primarily we can say, that it first of all has developed a perfectly functioning correlation between the root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, and the heart chakra. This implies that the horse radiates and can teach human beings bodily strength and control, devotion, and love, in a necessary and very fine combination and balance

Especially control at the physical level has been misunderstood and underestimated within the spiritual context. Therefore human beings can learn infinitely much by the intercourse and collaboration with both the cat and the horse.

It has turned out, that human beings with strong physical handicaps can regaine some of their physical control by a long and intense contact with a horse. By riding a horse, a contact is created between the nervous systems of the two individuals, whereby the physical control and strength of the horse can be transmitted to the rider. Because of the strong coherence between the physical and the mental, it is obvious that this development also can result in a strong progress on the mental/spiritual level.

Some horses have to go through dog-incarnations, before beginning an actual individualization. That is why so many dogs are afraid of fireworks and thunder: they have previously incarnated as horses and experienced a war with its explosions from guns, rifles and shells. If you have a dog which has this kind of fear, you may be able to help it by being aware of this, and by giving it Bach's Resque Remedy. It will be very beneficial to give it a few drops of this remedy in the drinking water each day.

When an animal takes the step from one species to another, a very strong development usually results. In the first incarnations after the shift there may be problems, because there is focused on new vibrations and other chakra combinations.

This may result in that certain cats, dogs, and horses, may be out of balance. But they can be helped through the care from understanding people, and you are doing a great deed of mercy by taking such an animal into your home and give it your love. Often only a single incarnation is enough, before the animal again will be in balance in its next incarnation within the same species. Those animals which are at this stage of their development are usually beings who have a difficult life - ended up in a home for dogs or cats, or by other means abandoned by human beings.

By a respectful, attentive and happy intercourse with the dog, human beings can develop the solar plexus chakra, with the cat the hara chakra, and with the horse the root chacra. There are other animals that could be mentioned, but the reader can investigate this topic further him/herself. We can mention parrots and elephants, which are other animals that has and still does contribute actively to the human development. But the dolphin take up an exceptional universal position, and we will look at this in the following and also in a later chapter.

Translated from her book "Den Evige Livsspiral" (The Eternal Spiral Of Life). This book is channeled by Johannes (Birgits guide), Martinus, Adif, Henry Ytting and others from the White Brotherhood.

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