From T.LOBSANG RAMPA's book:

"Twilight " part II

(some words are translated to Norwegian and there MAY BE some wordmistakes here

because this is scanned from the book. Some headlines are added)


Here from page 134 where Rampa again short comes into the theme of the higher planes of existence and more on the Overself in connection with answering a question about whether the "gardeners of earth" should have to interfere directly here - and he say that they dont want that - if they can avoid it…

In the astral plane you cannot meet people with whom you are antagonistic (fiendtlig), and of course the higher you go the more compatible you are with the people around you.

Now, you can usually get up to about the ninth plane of existence and then you no longer find that the Overself is sending out puppets. Instead there is only one extension from the Overself, after the ninth plane.

Of course there are a vast number of planes of existence, and you go on and on getting more and more dimensions, but there would be no point in trying to discuss some of these other dimensions, unless you have been there, because there is no point of reference. How would you, for example, discuss atomic theory with an ant (maur) who was more interested in getting on with the ordinary business of day to day living? How could you discuss nuclear thermo electrics with a bee who was far more interested in going out and collecting pollen, or whatever they collect, so that the process of making honey could continue? No, until you have had experience of other dimensions you are not able to discuss them. It's like having a year old baby trying to discuss brain surgery (kirurgi) with one of our leading surgeons.

But there is no limit to how high you can go. Remember the old saying that there is always plenty of room at the top of the ladder. And, you see, God is not an old gent (fyr) with a beard and a shepherd's crook who comes along and hooks in all the wayward lambs. God is a different thing altogether, nothing that you can understand down here. Here your nearest conception of a God is a Manu, that is, one of the Branch Managers who looks after this particular departmental store which we call Earth. (sett inn bilde ric.field 5b/6)Under him he has a lot of Assistant Managers who look after continents, lands, and cities. They seem to have made a pretty poor show of it of late, don't they? Think of all the commotion in America, in Cambodia, in VietNam, in the Middle East, and now in Cyprus. I think all these Manus should be sent back to take a special post graduate course or something.

But anyway, that is getting away from the subject. So the answer is that you can go as high as your capacity will allow, and there is no reason at all why you should not reach the top and reach "Buddhahood", that is what Buddhism is about, anyway.

"Can we of this physical plane learn of and effectively use astrology for the good of the living? If so, what is the true source of astrological teachings?"

Many, many years ago astrology was extraordinarily accurate because it was founded on a new science, the influence of the stars on objects of this Earth - humans, animals, plants, etc. - had been predicated, and those assumptions (antagelser) were accurate so long as the zodiac remained as it was when the assumptions were made.

Now, a few thousand years later, the zodiac is different and the predictions, the forecasts are all wrong. I personally believe that astrology as it is in the West nowadays, is just a waste of time, it is utterly inaccurate for the simple reason that no allowance (hensyntagen) has been made for the difference in the configuration of the zodiac. In the very Far East such allowances have been made and the horoscopes there are very very much more accurate. I know this; everything that was predicted for me, by astrologers ii the very Far East has come true - every dam thing!

I have had my horoscope done several times in the West and each time the predictions could hardly have been more incorrect, they might have been doing a horoscope for a different person, their efforts have proved to be ludicrous (latterlig).



Naked in the astral is something I am sure will make you laugh. I will copy it out for you now: (so the letter from one who have learned to travel in the astral - which says:)

"Last night when I was astral travelling I decided to go on a teaching spree (rangel). Suddenly as I was walking along I, noticed I had a BEAUTIFUL ORANGE SAFFRON ROBE on. I was so thrilled! Astral clothes are so beautiful. I had decided I was going to teach some people when suddenly as I was walking along the saffron robe disappeared and I was stark naked. My mind went blank, the last thing I remember is standing naked in the middle of a public building without any clothes on!"

Yes, that's what happens, you see. People go into these things without any preparation. This person did indeed get into the astral but forgot to keep a corner of the mind - astral mind - continually on her clothing, so as soon as she decided that she was going to teach some people who already knew more than she did, the little bit of her mind which should have been dealing with clothes switched off, and then - well, she was embarrassed (pinlig berørt) standing in the middle of this public building with, no doubt, quite a crowd of interested onlookers.

Well, wouldn't YOU be interested as well if you suddenly saw a woman appear naked in front of you? The streakers nowadays seem to attract a lot of attention so you judge for yourself what your reactions would be.

picture: most normal men should not dislike seeing such a naked the young girl standing before him - nor not in the astral.... 






flying saucers and submarines

This particular person wants me to mention her by name, but unfortunately I can't even read her name, and I can't read her address either because she didn't give any. So I can only refer to her as The Nameless One. She also wants to know when will flying saucers start coming in great numbers. Well, actually, I shall be surprised if there are not more reports of flying saucers in the immediate future, and I am going to suggest something to you - just think of this; you will have read from time to time that naval ships of Norway, Denmark, Sweden or somewhere else have bottled up a "submarine" in one of the fjords, and there is no possible way for it to escape.

(he says "in the immediate future" - and as the book was written in the beginning of the 70ths - we now know there was a very increase in "cosmic visits" from space and a lot of obervations in those days - Martinus says it was a big cosmic impulse coming to earth in the 70ths.) Fine, we read all about that, we hear all about it on the radio, and we are convinced that this unknown sub - marine which, it is hinted, must obviously be Russian is bottled up, it cannot escape. Warships of the United Nations are there in force with all their submarine detection gear and they are ready to blow the submarine straight out of the water if it doesn't surrender. You've read about that in the newspapers, haven't you? You've heard it on the radio, haven't you? All right, now think of this; did you ever hear of any result? Did you? I think you did not -because everything is hushed up, and I have reason to believe that there are U.F.O.'s which come from inside the Earth and which are able to navigate under water just as submarines do, and I believe that these U.F.O.'s are sometimes detected by 'ships of different nations, but these U.FO.'s can always escape. (many of the visitors have undersea bases - read RESA MED FLYGANDE TEFAT av Ante Jonson, or a book on the subject published of Wendelle Stevens. UFOCONTACTs FROM UNDRESEA. R.Ø.remark.)

There was a prediction made many many years ago to the effect that this year, 1974, there would be a confrontation between ships of the world and a U.F.O. under the water. The prediction is to the effect that there would be a collision between a submarine and a U.F.O., and some of the U.F.O. people would be rescued and then it would be seen quite clearly that they were not humans as the term is understood on the surface of the Earth. Predictions could be a little time out, you know, so I really think something like that will happen in 1974 or 1975 IF IT HAS NOT ALREADY HAPPENED. ( Yes and the story of that is also UFOCONTACT FROM PLANET IARGA - which occured after the authors boat had collided or run aground on a half submerget ufo in the sea outside of Holland. The author was a rich industry-man, and when he later wrote the story in a book - it was belived to be scinece fiction - but he claims it to be fact and if you read it - you may recogninze the logic in it . R.Ø.remark.)

I say, "if it has not already happened" because it seems so strange to me that things are hushed up so much by Governments. We hear that a submarine has been trapped, much commotion is caused, many reports are given, almost hour by hour reports, and then suddenly nothing, nothing more is said, everything is forgotten. No matter what enquiries are made, no one knows anything about it any more, it's just as if it did not happen. Now, if some aliens had been found and possibly rescued from a U.F.O. then, of course, the Governments would step in and conceal (skjule) all the knowledge from those who have a right to know - the people - until the Governments concerned decided how the knowledge could be best turned to the advantage of the Governments concerned. (as done in the AREA 51 in USA - and similar places elsewhere. R.Ø.remark.)

Here is another nice question, "Under what conditions can you gain access to the Akashic Records to find out another person's future?"

You cannot if you are a normal human without very very special life - time training. The Akashic Record of each person is closed and cannot be seen by any other human (normally) until the subject of that Record leaves the Earth and is in the Hall of Memories where the poor wretch has to see it all and blush alarmingly with shame!

I think this particular correspondent should go to a good eye specialist because he writes, "Dr. Rampa, did you know that you have an amazing resemblance to King Feisal of Saudi Arabia? Yes, quite definitely I state that there was a picture of King Feisal on a Time magazine, and you look just like him."

King Feisal, Your Majesty, may I offer you my humble apologies because if you look. like me - well, you sure have got a load on you! Personally I don't see any resemblance except that King Feisal has two eyes, one nose, one mouth and two ears. Yes, I have just that, two eyes, one nose, one mouth and two ears, oh yes, then of course there must be a resemblance. But then I think King Feisal has a lot more hair than I have, I am bald, in fact the flies use the top of my head as a skating rink in hot weather.

"Is it possible to have a physical or astral child as a result of astral intercourse?(samleie)"

No, not a chance, although to believe some of my correspondents it not merely is possible but it does occur. For example, when I was living at Prescott, Ontario, many years ago I had a woman write to me - I have never seen her, never been closer to her than a few hundred miles - and she told me that she was now pregnant by me and she was going to bear my child. According to her, I visited her in the astral and (let me be delicate) "gave her the works." Well, that was certainly news to me, I seem to have missed all the fun, because I certainly don't know anything about it. The poor lady didn't seem to realize that the husband with whom she sleeps and with whom she presumably does other things - may have been more responsible than I was. But, anyway, I will tell you - no, it is not possible to go round in the astral impregnating women. Sorry to spoil your fun but there it is, you can't do it.

Now this is a good question, it is, "Sometimes I see small children who seem to be talking to themselves but who are really talking to 'someone.' They usually stare as if they are looking directly at someone I can't see, they sometimes carry on long conversations. Who are they talking to? Nature Spirits? Also, can little children see into the astral world at any time they wish?"

Of course these children are able to talk and see people in the astral. It is a simple matter indeed because when a child is small their vibrations are higher, and so they can get in touch with people in the astral whose vibrations are slower. There are also special spirit friends who look after children, in other words, fairies are real, and not until stupid parents tell children that they mustn't tell lies and of course they don't see other people do the children lose the ability. (insert picture childguard.jpg)

picture of an astral guard that  is fellowing samll children - who some  partly can see the astral helpers - here shown partly transparent - but is absolutely solid on her own prequenzy.

In fact parents are a child's worst friends. Parents too often think that they are omnipotent, the source of all knowledge. They try to dominate their children and they crush out and ruin natural abilities of the child. It is a very sad thing, it is adults who make it so difficult for astral people to contact this world.

Do you want to smile? Well, what would you answer to a question like this: - "Why can't Buddhist monks get married?"

Let me answer that with a question. The question is, "why cannot Catholic priests get married?" Obviously because it is a facet of the religion, of the religious discipline. Many churches, not merely Christian churches, either, think that a man must devote his whole life to that religion. He must, in effect, marry the religion. Many churches, or many religions, believe that if a man marries then his mind might be on other things - the attractions of his wife, for instance - and he would then not be able to give full time attention to his religious duties. That is why Catholics and some other priests do not marry. But there are many Buddhist monks of different sects who do marry, just as there are many different types of Christian priest who do marry. Protestant priests marry, Catholic priests do not. It's just a matter of belief and that is all there is to it.

I have a regular correspondence with a lady and gentleman who have a son who has a mental defect The son is retarded. Unfortunately medical science does not seem able to do much for such people, and often they try to persuade the parents of such a child to commit the child to some Home for the Mentally Defective.

This particular boy is improving, and I believe that in time, with the loving care of his parents, he will become very much more normal. It seems that when he was a baby, a doctor treated him unwisely and tried out a new drug on the small baby giving it a dosage, which would have overpowered a strong adult. From that time on the boy has suffered very great mental strain and he cannot speak, and I believe that his mental health is improving. I have suggested that he be sent to friends on a farm -because often if such a person is mixing with animals, etc., who are less privileged than he, then a great improvement takes place as the boy or girl does all he can, or all she can, to help and to understand the animals.

In many cases a retarded child, seeing an animal, gets a type of fellow feeling. The child thinks that the animal cannot talk either, so that gives him a bond, and when such a child is given the run of a farm and given tasks within his or her capabilities, then the responsibility does startup and spark a response in the intelligence.

It is such a shame, such a crime to just rush retarded people off to a mental home, when there is any hope at all that kindness at home, or kindness and understanding on a farm, will enable the retarded one to become less retarded. I have known many cases where Mongolian idiots - they are not idiots by any means - have been greatly improved by being placed in a position where they can help with animal husbandry (landbruk).

Do you remember in a previous book that I made a prediction that a President of the U.S.A. would be removed from office? Well, as I write this we are waiting for president Nixon to announce his resingnation….


traces from earlier civilisations.

Then we move foreward to page 160 where he answers this on that of traces from earlier civilisations.

The reader wrote: " in your books it is said that the world undergoes a sort of change of cycles - a change of civilization - but if that is so then there must be remnants of other civilizations and we never find any, so it leads me to think that you are not telling the truth. It leads me to the belief that the Bible is right and the world is only about three or four thousand years old."

That fellow must be a pressman! But anyway, imagine for a moment that you are an ant playing about in some farmer's field. Well - you see this great cloud coming from the distance and because you are a Wise Ant (klok maur) you scurry as fast as you can to the nearest tree and you shin up that tree with all six or eight, or whatever it is, legs. Then you get a first - class view of the world beneath you.

The farmer stops his chaffing tractor and gets down and opens the gate to the field, then he gets back on the tractor and chuffs away through the gateway and into the field. Then after he has scratched his head a bit, lit a cigarette, and done a mighty spit, he hitches (kopler) a plough up behind the tractor. And then what was your world, the smooth surface of your world with nice green grass and good clumps of weeds, gets in a state of turmoil. The farmer is ploughing. He goes on ploughing and ploughing, and he is deep ploughing, too, so all the surface of your world, which is that field, is broken up and the inner soil comes to the surface and everything is thoroughly messed up. Your friends in the ant colony disappear for ever. One of the plough blades saw to that in very decisive fashion. The ant colony was tipped upside down, and then great clods of earth rained down on them and after that one of those blade things at the end of the plough sliced right through the earth covering the deceased colony, and all the sides caved in even more. On the next pass down the field one of the rear wheels of the tractor pressed everything down deep.

Well, you, the last ant in all the world - your world is the field, remember - shudder with fright Everything has taken on a new look. There are great cliffs of earth standing up where before there was smooth earth and perhaps grass. There is nothing that you know left any more. But if you were given long life - I don't know how long an ant lives - you would see the winds and the rains beat down the ploughed up soil until everything became smooth again. But before that, perhaps, the farmer or his boy would come along with a seeder (såmaskin) - which is another device which turns up the earth a bit and scatters seed all over the place, and that seeder would be followed by hordes of birds. So you, poor ant, had better keep your tail down tight or you will lose it.

But that is how things go on on this Earth. There is what we of the Earth call a mighty civilization, New York, for instance; is it mighty after Watergate? (remember - this was written in those days in the mid 70ths. R.Ø.remark.) - supposing the end of a cycle had come, there would be terrific earthquakes, bigger earthquakes than you had ever dreamed possible, and you wouldn't dream about them either, because you wouldn't live through them. The earthquakes would open chasms (kløfter) in the earth and buildings would fall in, chasms would extend perhaps half a mile (800m) deep into the earth, and all the buildings which were New York would fall in. Then the earth would close again, and there would be a few wriggles, and in course of time there would be no trace whatever of that mighty civilization. (and the incoming oceans can hide it all).

The waters would change their course. The Hudson would disappear into the earth, the seas would sweep over part of the Earth perhaps, and perhaps New York's site would become the seabed, and everything that you knew of New York would have disappeared.

It's not true, though, to say that everything is lost without trace for ever and ever amen, because there have been most interesting reports from deep - miners. They have been digging for coal, perhaps, and far down in the depths of their mine they have come across (and this is true) a figure buried in coal, a figure which might be fifteen feet long. They may also come across certain artefacts, and there have been such artefacts found and placed in Museums; there have been cycles and cycles on this Earth. If you go to a farm and look out across the farm land, you can't say what sort of crop there was ten years ago, can you? You can't say what sort of crop there was twenty years ago, not even five years ago, not even one year ago, because everything has been ploughed down. Perhaps the farmer has had a very good crop, which has depleted the earth, so he ploughs the land and lets it lie fallow for a year. After that he ploughs it again and plants a different crop, and so it goes on. The earth, too, is ploughed by earthquakes, and after the earthquakes - come the floods and the tornadoes which blow the topsoil and smooth everything off and make sure that there is no trace of that which went before.

So, young man, you who write and tell me that I am not telling the truth, you are talking through the back of your neck. You don't know the first thing about all this, so the sooner you read all my books, and believe them, then the better for you.


Herbs and chemicals

Mrs. Mary MacMaggot of the Maggotorium, Toadsville, is a great herb fan. She firmly believes that people who take chemicals, and that means chemical drugs and all that sort of stuff, should have their brains tested; Mrs. Mary MacMaggot is absolutely convinced that you get good only from herbs. She thinks the rest of the pills, potions, liniments and lotions are just a device to make money for the drug houses.

Actually, there isn't any difference usually between the drugs we get out of herbs and the drugs which are made in a factory. You know how it all happens, don't you? Well, let's take as our example a herb which is rich in iron. Now, the iron in that plant does not grow there provided by a benevolent Nature who knows that in time Mrs. MacMaggot will want an iron tonic. The iron came from the ground, and I am going to advise you to look on things something like this; all plants are cellulose, they are like cellulose sponges, and the cells in the sponges are filled with the life material of the plant; the cellulose is a form of skeleton, a form of support for the plant. So this particular plant that we are examining is very partial to soil which has a strong iron - ore element in it. It grows well in such circunistances, and the iron - ore is absorbed by the far - spreading roots of the plant and is then taken up by the sap and conveyed through all the cellulose tissues of the plant. There it is lodged in those cavities just as one can mop up dirty water with a sponge and get the sediment lodged in the cells of the sponge. Well, along comes a herbalist, grabs a handful of iron - bearing plants and messes about with them - perhaps he makes a tea of them, perhaps he mashes them up, but anyway he makes some awful unsavoury goo (usmakelig kliss) and takes the stuff. If he was lucky and he's got hold of a plant, which had been successful in getting a good quantity of iron - ore he feels better for it. But if he finds a barren sort of plant then he says some naughty words and goes on to some pills.

All the big drug houses send research teams into exotic parts of the world, such as to the interior of Brasil. There the research people find all manner of plants which grow nowhere else in the world perhaps, because Brasil is truly a wonderful, wonderful country for its natural resources.

The plants are carefully noted, photographed, checked, and then bundled up and sent to research laboratories…(and made medicine of)

end of this subject


"When the student is ready the Master appears"

Now, I've got another question here which I have al ready answered but I am going to answer it again in, possibly, a different form in order that someone may get a different slant on the thing. The question is: "What is meant by the statement: When the student is ready the Master appears?"

Too many people think that they know all and plenty more besides, they think that they just have to whistle and hordes of Masters come panting with eagerness to teach such a bright person. It doesn't happen that way at all.

You know those kettles, you shove them on the gas or electricity, and when the water boils they let out a horrendous hoot (skrik)? Well, people are like that. When their vibrations reach a certain pitch, that is, when they are "ready", a Master somewhere, either on the Earth or in the astral, can pick up a vibration which says, metaphorically of course, "Hey boss, I'm ready, come and teach me all you know!" So after the Master has given a luxurious stretch and a hearty scratch, he might get to his feet, or even to his astral feet, and come along to give a hand.

But nearly always the person who thinks that he or she is such a brilliant student that he or she is ready - well, they are the ones who just are not ready, and no matter how much they hoot or let off steam, until their vibrations reach the right pitch or frequency - no Master will appear. So if a Master doesn't appear it is proof positive that you are not ready.


race kharma

Who is this? Ester A. Moray. Okay Ester Moray, here is your second question: "How does race kharma affect an individual?"

Before a person reincarnates to Earth that person goes to what we may somewhat humorously regard as a travel agent in the astral. Actually it is a Council of Advisors. But the person who is going to come back to Earth knows what has to be done, where he or she has to go, and what the circumstances should be for doing that particular task or lesson. So one of the things is that one takes into account the basic kharma of the race to which one is coming. One comes to a race whose kharma is suitable for increasing one's opportunities for doing the allotted task. Apart from that - race kharma doesn't affect one, because it is more to do with the Manu of the race.

Insert pict.

picture of the person - here symbolic drawn - who is the MANU of a land

Well now Ester Moray has another question here. She seems to be a nice young lady so let's spare her a few more minutes, shall we? Her third question is, "What can an individual do to reincarnate with the same family they now have, or is this not possible?"

I have just been telling you how things are planned. So if it is necessary for people to come together in another life then they will come together in another life, and arrangements, are made for that specific purpose. You might remember the case of the girl in India; she died as a child, and then she came back as a child to a family who lived just a few miles away, and she kept on talking about her other family. Many enquiries were made, and eventually the two families were brought together, and the reincarnated girl was able to give proof that she had reincarnated. That is a case which is authenticated beyond all possible doubt.


Atlantis and brain-chemicals

Now, here is a question for you; "Mermen and mermaids (havfruer) - were these truly a race of people and if so what intellect did they possess and what happened to them?"

Actually all that the average person knows about mermaids and mermen goes back to the days of Atlantis. Now, Atlantis was a far more technically accomplished place than this present day civilization.

People could be made, lumps of protoplasm could be formed in somewhat human shape and they were used as servants - not as slaves - they were used as servants because they were people of inferior mentality, they were, in fact, "made" for the purpose of serving their masters and mistresses.

Theoretically nowadays it is possible to increase the mentality of a dog or a horse or something like that by being irradiated by special rays and by being fed special chemicals. (the pleiadian contact Semjase tells some of this - see the book on the case on "Jordens fjernhistorie i nytt lys"). In that way the brain voltages can be altered and so the intelligence - factor increased. There is no reason, for instance, why monkeys should not be altered by chemicals so that their mentality is greatly increased and thus they could, in effect, be a sort of servant to people. I know quite recently at the Calgary Stampede procession when we had all manner of things going through the city streets there was one monkey riding a horse, and he was wearing clothes. He was doffing his hat to the onlookers and behaving in every way the same as the humans around him. Except for looks one couldn't have told the difference so far as behaviour was concerned. And that old monkey, he certainly got a lot of applause, too. But then the applause upset his self - control because he jumped off the horse and jumped at the spectators and he was horribly affectionate (hengiven) with them, and it was quite a task, I understand, to get him back on his horse again.


astral world families and astral time

"You mention that in the astral world we can have families. Do we leave them for awhile to attend class on Earth and then return to them at the end of our Earth class?"

Yes, that is quite possible. You may say that we spend twenty-four hours a day on Earth. Certainly we do, but they are Earth hours and time in the astral world is utterly different from the time on Earth, in fact in some of the Hindu books there are stories of people going away from the Earth and spending a little time in the astral and then on their return to Earth finding that a thousand years of Earth time has passed. So it is perfectly feasible for a person to come to Earth and do all manner of things by day, but the person has to sleep and during the sleep the astral bodies go back to the astral world NO MATTER WHETHER PEOPLE REMEMBER IT OR NOT, and the time they spend in the astral world with their families, may be perhaps twice as long as they stay on Earth by day. It is all a question of the difference in time.

This next question makes me wonder if some poor soul has been brought up the hard way because the question is: "If a child were pushed through college in his life by a hard - hearted parent would it necessarily help the child in his or her successive lives?"

Oh dear, dear, I am so sorry to have to disappoint you, but the answer is "Yes." Everything we learn, everything we experience is worthwhile and it is saved. Now, a better way to explain it would perhaps be to say that when we go over to the Other Side - we take all the good that we have learned on Earth, and all the bad (the dross) is left behind. It's like if you are melting a metal, if you are melting gold, for instance, or silver; well, you melt the stuff and then sludge (slam) forms on the top (because gold or silver is heavier than sludge), it forms as a dirty mass which is skimmed off and thrown away leaving the gold or the silver to be poured into ingots (råblokker). Well, we are in much the same state. All that which we have learned which is of use to the Overself and to our development is retained (beholdt). The bad is discarded like a bad memory.

People are interested in the astral, aren't they? So here is another one about the astral. It is, "If I were able to astral travel consciously and my wife had been trying without success: 1) Could, I evaluate from the astral what she was doing wrong and help her to correct the situation? 2) Would it in any way be wrong to help in this manner?"

The answer is that of course you can go into the astral and find out what the problem is, and of course you can come back and tell her what the problem is. But I can tell you what the problem is now; it is just a matter of memory. She does astral travel. Knowing who you are (and not telling!) I know that your wife has been to see me in the astral, and so have you and you made a big splash about it, too! But your wife is trying too hard, or she may have a little fear. But if she would only take things quietly and not make such efforts, then she would remember the astral travels that she did.

Now, here is a bit more which really relates to the Hollow Earth. "Since the publication of your books I would imagine that the Chinese have tried to find the passageways in the mountain and the underground river. How could it remain so well hidden from such an intensive search?"

The answer is, through masterly misdirection. If you see a blank wall ahead of you and all your tests, including the use of special detectors, etc., convince you that the wall is solid, then you turn elsewhere, and the wall is indeed very well protected -because if one goes down far enough one gets to an outpost of the Hollow Earth. You further ask about the approximate date of the underground tunnels. Well, I should say about a million years, or so, ago because they were made well before Atlantis, they were made when first people "went underground", and into the inner world. In passing let me say that although a lot of people will screech with laughter at the thought of a Hollow Earth, let me remind them that for centuries and centuries people thought that the Earth was flat, and if any body had dared to say that the Earth was round then they would have been taken as insane people because - they would have said - if the world is round - how can we stand on it, what about the people on the other side of the Earth, they would fall off for sure. We know otherwise, don't we? We know the Earth is round and not flat. Some of us know that the world is hollow, too. Think of that, will you?


the Race of Tan (den gyllenbrune rase)

Respected Sir, you have got your facts mixed up somewhere or dropped a brick or you haven't been reading my books properly. You say, "Why would a race of people from far out in space want to colonize with the people of this world to produce the Race of Tan?

Well, who said there was going to be a colony coming from beyond space? Just think of this; get all the white people, the yellow people, the red people, the black people, and any other colour or shade you can scrape up, get them all to inter - marry, and look at the result What would the colour be? Tan, of course. And so we can get the Race of Tan when we get all the peoples of the world inter - marrying because in those days colour will not matter. It doesn't matter in Brasil nowadays. It is one place on the face of this Earth where the black man and the white man work side by side with no thought whatever of colour. I have a very soft spot for Brasil because they are doing well, and it is one of the coming countries. They will be the first to produce citizens for the Race of Tan.

"In 'The Hermit' it was stated that the Gardeners would place someone on this Earth for the hermit to tell his story to. How is it meant that you were placed on this Earth?"

Well, somebody had to be picked, and the person who was picked had to have certain qualifications. For instance, he had to be a very hardy individual, he had to be highly telepathic, highly clairvoyant, he had to have a good memory, and he had to have his personal frequency or wavelength of a certain order. In other words, he had to be constantly in touch with one of the Great Masters. So the poor fellow who did fulfill those qualifications was grabbed and placed in such conditions that he naturally became the listener to the story, and I state that that story is true.

Let's have a statement from Paddle Boat Moffet. He says, "Read the book 'The Spaceships of Ezekiel' by Josef F. Blumrich. You suggested I read it and it proved very interesting and well written." So there you see Paddle Boat Moffet - now a member of the Paddle Boat Club able to take advice, to act upon advice, and to profit from advice. He's a good fellow, too.


religion taught by Christ

Here is a question from Wihem Briceno. He is 18 years of age and he lives in Venezuela. His first question is, "Is there any part of the world in which the original religion taught by Christ is now practised?"

No, I am sorry to say that there is not. Christ departed the scene and for many years the Teachings of Christ were let lapse. But after a number of years a gang of people thought they would start something, which would give them some power. Really the early founders of the Christian Church, as it was then, were a lot of cultists, they did not teach that which Christ taught, but they taught that which increased their own power. For example, most of the bunch was paralysed with fright at the thought of women. Christ did not teach that women were unclean. Mind you, I'm sure Christ would not have liked that Women's Libber (kvinnesakskvinne) person who writes to me. But Christ taught that women had rights just as men have rights, but the founders of the church in the year 60 did not want women to get any power at all, so it was taught that women had no souls, women were unclean (some of them are by the amount of stuff they put on their facel) However, to answer the question, no, on no place at all of this Earth is the original Teaching of Christ followed.

"Is there in existence now the original version of the Bible? If not, what can one do to enable Christianity to be taught as it was originally intended to be taught?"

Well, if we could find the original version of the Bible we could still not return to basic Christianity because the Bible is just a collection of books consisting of "the Gospel According to...", and as I have been saying the Bible is not necessarily the Teachings of Christ. Most of the people in Christ's time couldn't write, anyway.

"If animals are all so intelligent why don't they make temples and houses, and why don't they leave any culture in history?"

But are you sure they don't? You see, it doesn't mean that a person is civilized or intelligent because one builds a temple or church. I've got one in front of me now which is a concrete monstrosity (monstrum) done in the form of an Indian wig - wam, that is, tent shaped with three imitation poles sticking up from the roof. It's a church all right, but in the form of a tepee, which was a tent of the Indians who, anyway, weren't Christians. So how is there any symbolism in that?

To my own definite knowledge animals are intelligent, but their intelligence takes a different form from that of humans. Humans seem to want to build great buildings so that some other humans can come along and drop bombs on it or shell the cities which humans make. I never understand people who think that humans are the Lords of Creation. They are not. On this particular world admittedly they dominate by force, but do you know that only humans and spiders (edderkopper) commit rape (voldtekt)? No other animals at all do.

You say about building things, but how about the bees, how about the ants? They have very wonderful civilizations. Ants have fortresses, they have a very effective army, they have cleaners - street cleaners - they have nursemaids and all the rest of it, they even have their "milk cows" which are aphids.

Animals are here for their own particular purpose and for their own particular evolution, and I know from my own personal intensive studies that animals can be highly intelligent, some more intelligent than humans. I say that with a full sense of responsibility and unless you are clairvoyant and telepathic, as I am, then you cannot truthfully contradict (motsi) me because you would be like a person who was born blind and who would say that there were no such colours as red, green, yellow, etc., etc. Unless you have the same abilities as I have, then you can not dispute what my superior abilities enable me to know.

In the same way, I cannot walk - so it's useless for me to argue with you if you say that it's a very pleasant thing walking over such - and - such a surface. I wouldn't know. I know my own subjects.


dual personality

Rosemary - that is the only name of her's I have here - - writes to me and says, "In your next book would it be possible for you to dwell a little on the causes of a dual personality? You see, I have a dual personality. Does that mean I have great difficulty in following the Middle Way? I tend to go to extremes."

No, Rosemary, it doesn't mean that you are any different from anyone else. It means that you came here to overcome certain defects, and so that you could see what it was like you came as a dual personality. I assume that in a previous life, perhaps in your very last life even, you could not get on with people, and somebody said you couldn't get on with yourself. So, in effect, you said, "All right, I'll go back to Earth as a dual personality and you'll see how well I do!"

A dual personality is just one who has an astrological make - up which causes them to see two sides of the coin at once, surely quite a feat (prestasjon), but it doesn't mean you are any better or any worse than anyone else.

It might even mean that it was intended that you should be twins, you know, identical twins where one egg divides, but for some reason the egg did not divide, and in that case you get a form of dual entity inside one body. Never mind, Rosemary, I will tell you here and now that you are doing very well indeed and there is not the slightest reason why you should be worried so - don't be!


back to Earth for every sign of the zodiac?

We've got time for one more question, I think, and this is from Mr. Howard G. Marsh. I get quite a lot of people writing to me from Idaho. Ml right, Mr. Marsh, you say, you mention in one of your books that a person has to come back to Earth for every sign of the zodiac. This would be twelve times if he learned his lessons well. Am I correct?"

Mr. Marsh, I have to tell you that you are not correct! A person has to come back and live through every sign of the zodiac and through every quadrant (30 degrees) of every sign of the zodiac, and he has to keep coming back until he accomplishes his task SUCCESSFULLY in every sign and quadrant of that zodiac. So if he is a slow learner, he might come to Earth a thousand or two thousand times, which makes it all a bit monotonous, doesn't it?

The tape is spinning on, the day is drawing to a close. Twilight will soon be upon us. The pages of this book are mounting up and the words of its total are exceeding that which is considered necessary for this book. Before me I have questions -questions - questions - piles of questions, questions enough for many more books to come. And - who knows? - I might yet write another book, there's life in the old man yet I can still twitch a little, I am still able to push a recorder button. So if you do want another book you know how to get it; all you have to do is to write to my publisher and tell him you want another book by Lobsang Rampa.

For the present, then, I will take leave of you and in doing so bring this book, "Twilight", to its end.

the END


T. LOBSANG RAMPA was - in 1975 - the author of fourteen extraordinary books, each one immensely readable and thought provoking:

THE SAFFRON ROBE: The personal story of Lobsang Rampa's boyhood at the great Lamasery of Potala. (only extracts from the Danish translation on this Rampasite)

LIVING WITH THE LAMA: More details of Lobsang Rampa's extraordinary existense -this time from a different angle.

THE THIRD EYE: A great bestseller wherever it has been published. This tells how Lobsang Rampa was given the power of the Third Eye. (only extracts from the Danish translation on this Rampasite)

DOCTOR FROM LHASA: In which Lobsang Rampa proved that mortal man can discipline his mind and body to survive starvation and torture. (only extracts from the Danish translation on this Rampasite)

THE RAMPA STORY: Revealing other aspects of the author's strange life and the mystic powers with which he is endowed (only extracts from the Danish translation on this Rampasite)

WISDOM OF THE ANCIENT: A book of Knowledge with special sections on breathing exercises and diet. (only extracts from the Danish translation on this Rampasite)

YOU - FOREVER: A special course of instruction in psychic development and metaphysics.

THE CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS: Lobsang Rampa's story of his experiences at the Lamaseries of Tibet.

CHAPTERS OF LIFE: Predictions and comments on the events taking place in the astral world. Illustrated

BEYOND THE TENTH: Lobsang Rampa explores the spiritual potential inherent in every human being.

FEEDING THE FLAME: In his first ten books Lobsang Rampa has tried to light a candle, or possibly two. In this, the eleventh book, he is trying to feed the flame.

THE HERMIT: A young monk receives the wisdom of the ages from an old, blind hermit.

THE THIRTEENTH CANDLE: Lobsang Rampa answers questions about the world of the astral, healing, life after death and many more.

CANDLELIGHT: More questions answered about aspects of metaphysis, pendulums, dowsing, levitation and teleportation, etc.