part 1

More extracts from T.LOBSANG RAMPA's book - published in 1973:


(some words are translated to Norwegian and there MAY BE some wordmistakes here

because this is scanned from the book. Some headlines are added)


Transmigration - WALK-IN

Well, what's the next question?' (page 96)

Q: 'Many people ask serious questions and they don't get any answers. They ask about this business of transmigration (kroppsbytte - i dag mer kjent i newage - kretser under navnet WALK - IN). Well, actually, what is it? How is it done?'

A: 'But good gracious me, I have gone into this so much that I am thoroughly sick of the whole thing. It is all given in my books, you know, and it is incredible to me that you cannot get down to it and read the books. That is why they are written! But what is transmigration?

'Well, it is a cross - migrate (kryssvandring). It just means that one soul leaves one body and takes over another body, which has just at that same instant been vacated (forlatt) by its previous occupant. There is nothing at all difficult in it. It is done very frequently. But let us start a bit further back. (its like a man finding another man scraping his still usable car - and that more sober person thinking "this car can still run quite a time" - and bringing it home for some renovation - and later other people seeing the wellknown car running - thinking the same old owner is driving, but not now so! R.Ø.remark.)

'If we are to believe in a God or in a Supreme Being of any kind then we must believe in the essential goodness, the essential fairness of such a Being. Now if we are to believe that - and I am only putting it like this because you are so appallingly ignorant of the whole thing - then surely we have a right to expect that a beneficent God will be fair to all, so why should a person be born to a very high estate and have everything he wants, have no troubles, no persecution from the Press, no hatred, and another person of about the same age is born perhaps with serious illness and in poverty, and at the same time press hoodiums persecute him if he looks the wrong way or something? They both live and they both die, one to acclaim (applaudering), one to sorrow. If we are to believe in a just God that cannot be, and in any case, there are definite evidences established cases, where bodies have been switched over. You see, bodies are just vehicles. The Western science is now groping towards the truth, which the Easterner has known for centuries. Man is a vehicle of a Higher Being, Man is controlled by a soul or Overself - call it what you like. Let us call it a soul because unless you have studied this a bit you could be led astray. I think you have been led astray by being a member of the Press, but that is another thing altogether. However, when a person is in the soul state, he is in a much more glorious state, a state where he cannot suffer pain or suffer from vindictive (ondskapsfull forfølgelse) persecution, but it may be necessary for him to learn something and the only way to learn, really, is by a certain amount of suffering. Suffering can be overdone, from my own experience I say that it can be overdone. But this soul selects a body to occupy when it comes down to this Earth. If you want to go touring then you select a car which will give you ample power and will carry you safely through possibly the backwoods. You will have a car which is proved to be of a reliable type, you want a good plodding work - horse of a car. Or if you want to go in for racing you will have a much more temperamental affair for race cars are temperamental indeed. But just as you would select a car for the conditions you have in mind and for the things you want to do, so the soul selects a body which will give him the range of experience he has to endure or surmount.

this picture can also symbolize takeing over of a body - where the left is leaving for the astral plane - while the upper right is coming in or taking over the  body  - which is only "a car" for the  driver - the soul

Now when one is on the Other Side of life much can be seen of probabilities on this Earth. It is much the same as one can be on the ground in a little wood with trees all around you. You think you are in a vast forest, you can't see very far because you have this wood about you, and perhaps you are circumscribed by a river or perhaps you may be on a small island. If you are, then that island may be as your entire world, but if you pass over in an aeroplane you think - that mighty forest, well, it is just really a small copse (kratt). The island, which was your entire world, is just a spot in somebody's farm lot. That is how you would see things from the Other Side of life.

Of course, jealous authors and idiotic pressmen are a decided nuisance when one is on this Earth, but they will have to go through it themselves in a future life. It might teach them something, and if it doesn't they will come back time after time until they do learn. But this is taking us away from transmigration, so let us get back to our cars.

Let us say you are touring and you have reached some distant place. Circumstances urgently require that you should do something necessitating a special type of vehicle. It might be a race car, it might even be a bulldozer, but the whole point is that you, the soul of the car, get out of your touring car and you, the soul, move over to - - what shall we say? A racing car or a bulldozer? - let us say you move over to the bulldozer. You get in the thing, you do certain actions, and the bulldozer bursts into life. You, the soul, make known to the machine that which you need to have done. You steer the vehicle, you pick up all sorts of impressions from it, especially if you drop the thing into a big dip (fordypning)! But you are in much the same position as a soul taking over a different body.

Q: 'Yes, but why should a man want to take over the body of another? That is a thing people ask - why does one person take over the body of another?'

A: 'I thought it was perfectly obvious. I have tried to make it clear enough. But let us take the instance to which you are so obliquely referring. Here we have a person who most desperately needed a body so that he could continue with a task which had been set for him by others, a task not at all of his choice, not at all to his liking, but a task set at the insistence of others. His own body, through the cruelty of humans, was in danger of collapse. His own body was too old, too tattered, and too unsatisfactory for the task to be carried out through its assistance.

Now let us look at the other body; that was of a person who was heartily sick of life, a very sensitive person whose sensitivities had been beaten down by many unfortunate circumstances in his own life. He was a defeated (nederlagstynget) man, a failure, if you like, but what may seem to be a failure to you was not a failure in his case. He may be the gainer in this, and you, who have tried to impede the task, well, you sure will be the loser. But anyway, this other body had a soul who was sick of living on Earth, who, some time before, had taken a wrong Path and so he knew that his own task would not be completed in that particular life. He had contemplated suicide, he hoped to die, he wished that he could will himself to death, he wasn't happy. Yet his particular body vibrated on a fundamental harmonic of that other body which was falling to pieces. It was a body which would be compatible (forenlig).

Let me digress for a moment and remind you that you may like a car very much indeed, and then you may get into another car, and it will remind you strongly of the car you just left, you get on with that particular car. But if you had moved from your own car to the famous brand X, you might have found that it just did not suit your own temperament. So, while it would work just as it would for everyone else, you still would not be entirely at ease with it, not entirely happy with it, and all the time you would wish you had something better to suit you, more compatible with you, not necessarily better engineering or better condition, but something better in the compatibility line. So in this instance this particular person was able to contact the occupant of a body and an arrangement was made. You will find it all in "The Rampa Story" so why we have to keep on groaning away about this particular subject I just don't understand. It has been written, it has been discussed, and throughout living history there have been many cases of transmigration.

Q: Yes, that seems clear enough but it still isn't absolutely clear why this particular body was taken.

A: I confess that I am not at all clear about your question! Supposing Body Y had been taken instead of Body Z, for example. You would have been asking the same thing again why take that body? But I have already tried to make it clear to you; because the two bodies had a fundamental frequency, a fundamental vibration, because they were compatible with each other, because the "controls" were Similar, because, as controls were similar, immediate take - over would be easy, because the body was there ready to be vacated, and because the person was so willing and anxious. What more can one say? The significance of this case is that the body was there at the right time for the right purpose and so it was not necessary to be like the gentleman of old who wailed and wailed, crying, "My horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse!" The "horse" or, more properly, "vehicle" was there. And that is all there is to it. The fact that the person was married was just a side issue and - well, I suppose it wasn't adequately considered, and as it turned out, things were entirely satisfactory.

By the way, you know, you are asking a lot of questions. Now, why shouldn't I ask a question or two and get your answers? So here is something, which I want to know: You and I have been quite good friends and I thought there was loyalty in friendship. I have tried to help you, but ever since we heard this affair, this report, your attitude has been very antagonistic (fientlig). But I am the same person. There is nothing coming out now that didn't come out some twelve or thirteen years ago, so why have you changed? We have heard that some jealous person and his immature cohorts are going to write a book about me, because this particular person feels resentful (ergelig) that my books sell. Well, I am still wondering why your attitude has changed so much, why you seem so antagonistic towards me. I am not antagonistic towards you, because I can see a bit further than the mere superficial shell which surrounds most people. So, do you have any worthwhile comment, which I can put in the book, which I am writing for the English reading world? You see, for many years I have been attacked and attacked by a moronic type of person who knows nothing about the subject, who has never bothered to read my books. For example, some several years ago a boy committed suicide in England and just because a copy of You - Forever was found near him, the book was labelled "the murder book". But I state definitely in all my books that I am greatly opposed to suicide. Suicide is no way out, it is the way back. And yet the Press, of which you are a member; attacked me and said that I was encouraging suicides. I got in touch with the Press in England and challenged them to show me any place in any of my books where I in any way encouraged or condoned suicide. They did not take up my challenge. Now, are you going to take up my challenge? Have you truly read all my books? All the salient (framtredende) facts about me are given in The Rampa Story. Have you read it? Then, if you have read it, why has your attitude changed so much towards me? Now it seems to me that you regard me as some particularly offensive effluvia (utslipp), which the dog has just dragged in. I have my feelings just as you do, perhaps even a little more. So, there it is. Now the ball is passed to you.


Why don't I remember my out - of - body experiences?"

But let us leave that for the moment and get on with these other things which apparently puzzle the great brains of the Press.

'You say, I believe, "Why don't I remember my out - of - body experiences?"

I get a lot of letters and a tremendous number of people who have read my books write to me and tell me that they now do remember their out - of - body experiences. So, as one progresses, one does remember. Once you remember properly then you always remember properly. The thing is this; down on Earth the average person is not meant to remember his out - of - body experiences, nor is he intended to remember what he or she was in a past life or a past, past life, and that is rightly so because if a man had been a king in a far - distant life and he was now a beggar, then he would find his position intolerable, it might even make him too much of an arrogant beggar. So isn't it true that there is somewhere a sentence written about those, who having drunk of the Waters of Leith, forget the past that they may live in the present in preparation for the future? I have read something about it. But it is a kind provision of Nature, or of God, if you like, to give people temporary forgetfulness of the past so that they may live in the future, and the present.

You see, I started this off by saying that if we are to believe in a good God, then we have to believe that there must be some sort of recompense for those who come as beggars and sufferers. Otherwise, if there is only one life, how can you, Mr. Pressman, explain the fairness of a God who lets one person come as a very wealthy man - with all the position and power he wants and no troubles, and another comes as a deformed person, perhaps even mentally impaired, and in poverty? If there is only one life, then quite clearly it would be an injustice to the under - privileged person, and too much favouritism for the one who had everything. Of couse - that is just one aspect of the thing. There are various proofs, which have been established, in Indian religions about the truth of reincarnation. Christianity, you know, is quite a modern religion compared to some of the Indian religions, and actually the Indian religions are the fore - runners of the Christian. It is known that Christ took over the body of Jesus - "And the Spirit of the Lord entered unto Jesus" - and then Christ "wandered in the Wilderness". Sure He did, He went to the Far East, He went through India, He went through Tibet, He met with the wise men of the time, and He formulated from all the religions He had studied a religion which at that time seemed to be most suitable for the people of that time. So that Christianity, as devised by Christ, was a mixture of Oriental religions as well as the religions of Mythology.

But then in about the Year 60 many of the priests who rushed to jump on the band - wagon and get in on the ground floor, so to speak, thought they were losing power because of the simplicity and purity of the Christian religion, and so they messed about with the religion. They decided what they were going to have taught, and in many cases it was the complete opposite of what Christ taught. Christ was not a woman hater, He did not think that women were unclean. In fact if you study the real records you will find that Christ was a married man with a family, but that is a fact that is carefully, carefully hidden, and Christian "experts" like to keep such information from the ordinary people because they think that Christianity would then lose some of its mystique. (as said in the TALMUD JMMANUEL. R.Ø.anm.)

But you still cannot get over this business of reincarnation? Well, I am not going to prove anything. There is proof, you know, there quite definitely is proof, but I have found in the past few years - that one just cannot prove anything to a person who doesn't want to have the proof. It is like taking a horse to the water; you can take the creature to the water but you can't make him drink. If you try to he just chokes. So I say there is proof of reincarnation for those who will study Eastern and Oriental religions, but if you people can't even bother to read my books before condemning (fordømmer) me - then how are you going to study Hindu, Brahmin, Muslim, etc., religions? The best that you can do is to just give it up and wait until bitter experience teaches you that there is a bit more to all this than you had thought up to the present.



Now, you have a question here, which I thought I had already answered.

Q: 'What am I doing wrong? Why are we not taught about the fact of living again and again?'

A: But surely we have already been dealing with all that almost ad nauseam! Wait a minute - where is that question again? - "Why are we not taught about the fact of living again and again?"

Well, people used to be, and I am referring to Christian people now. It used to be a part of the Christian doctrine. People puzzle over, "In my Father's house there are many mansions," but they do not understand what it really means. What it actually means is many planes of existence, many levels of astral life.

In the old days when Christianity started and when it was formed from some of the Indian religions, reincarnation was taught, the whole mechanism of it was taught, and it is still taught in Eastern countries. But unfortunately, Christians regard Christianity as the only doctrine or teaching - which can possibly be considered. So if you say, "Why are we not taught - ?" I can say, "But you are taught. It is just that some of your teachers try to obscure the issue." Christianity is not the biggest religion numerically, so it doesn't become the most important…"


So from page 108 :

Senses beyond the normal

…some of the aborigines in Australia can track a man several days after he passed that way when there is no sign of anything at all unusual to the average white man.

So if a person is going to develop and retain special abilities he has to live alone. If he mixes too much, then his sensitivities become blunted (sløvet). You find monks living as recluses (eneboere) will get increased power. They become telepathic or ciairvoyant, but they call it communing with God or similar. Actually it is just that which happens in the normal course of events.

But if you wish to develop then, you have to be alone and that is about all there is to it. Perhaps I should say that what really happens, is that when you get a lot of people together, you get some with negative auras, others with positive auras, some with strong thoughts and some with bad thoughts, everything is mixed up and it leads to a depletion (uttømming) of nervous energy. How many times have you felt drained, depleted, tired out - after going and mixing with a lot of people? Suppose you go to a big party, everyone is drinking and chattering and dancing about from place to place. It may be all right while you are there, but afterwards you feel drained, you get a hangover or something and you think it is solely the fault of the alcohol, but it is not; it is through draining of the nervous energy through mixing with so many people of conflicting auras.

Suppose you got a whole bunch of magnets and you tossed them in a pile together. Some would cling to some, and others would be repelled, depending, of course, on which way their poles were facing, that is, whether they were positive or negative. And people are just the same as that, because the vehicle called a human is, after all, just an electric device. There are brain waves - well, it is admitted nowadays that there are brain waves, it is admitted that thoughts can be charted with squiggly (snirklede) lines on paper and brain voltages can be readily measured. So all these are in conflict when they are too mixed up with the others.

Every person has a basic note - I might call it a music note - except that some of the frequencies are not too musical after all - but every person emits a noise, a noise like static with a hum behind it. You may have heard something like this if you got close to a bee hive. But people buzz, and tick and hum, and humans are so utterly used to it that they no longer notice it. In the same way, every race has its own distinctive smell. White people cannot get too close to black people, they say, because they allege (hevder) that the black people smell, but usually the black people are far too polite to turn around to the white person and say, "Well you stink a jolly sight worse!" But it is true. Everyone has their own race - smell upon which is superimposed that person's own particular aroma, and every person also emit a note, which can be detected by instruments and the note is the note of that person's race - on which is superimposed the person's identity - note. The two may result in harmony or discord, and if it is discord, then the person is very hard to associate with - because one has the feeling of being badly drained, one has the feeling that always in association with that person there is an unfortunate clash of personalities.



Q: 'What do you really think about meditation?'

A: Meditation is a very real, very necessary thing. American researchers have recently found that when a person is in a state of meditation his general metabolic responses are considerably affected, his blood changes, his general being changes, and all this can be detected very readily by instruments. The worst thing about meditation is all the rubbish being written about it. All these cults, correspondence courses, etc., etc., are absolutely unnecessary, you don't need all this guff to help you to meditate. It seems that the only help is to help the bank account of the one who is teaching meditation. Meditation is natural, it is as natural as breathing, it is as natural as thinking. But the fantastic tales which go around about how to meditate and what meditation is - well, it is enough to put anyone off. One of the biggest difficulties, of course, is that there are so many fakes in occult work, but that again is the fault of people - because if people as a whole would be more open - minded, then definite research could be done in the matter of investigating what was genuine and what was not genume. This is a thing about which I feel very strongly. We send men into space, which is quite unnecessary, because it could all be done by astral travel with far, far better results. But anyway, men are sent into space but no money at all is being spent on investigation of what comes after death. Is there really astral travel? I know there is, of course, but it could be investigated for the ordinary man or woman in the street. If scientists would keep an open mind, then those with genuine abilities would gladly co - operate to demonstrate their abilities.


The spiritual blind pressmen - again

Now we get a case where a self - styled "researcher" browbeats a genuine psychic person and says, "Okay you perform for me and I'll do my best to prove you are a fake. I don't believe what you do and I will prove that it is all a fake." In such conditions, proof cannot be given- because some of the occult sciences are very delicate things indeed, very fragile things indeed, they have to have the right conditions. You wouldn't suddenly say to a photographer, "Okay, I'm coming into the darkroom with you to see exactly what you are doing," and then go into the darkroom and switch on all the lights. That would ruin whatever the photographer was trying to do, and it would be too stupid for words. So, if there is to be proof, there would have to be researchers who were sympathetic. They would not have to commit themselves to believing mind, but they would have to be sympathetic, they would have to keep an open mind and be ready to accept. It is the brutality of the present "investigation" that shocks the psychics into refusing to co - operate, and of course the Press must bear the greatest responsibility for that - because they come along with their blaring trumpeting voices and their hard - boiled sceptical attitudes and they are not ready to believe anything, even if it is proved. If a thing is proved beyond any genuine doubt, then the Press will insist that there must be trickery somewhere and it's just too bad that for the moment they can't point out where or what it is.

Anyway, the time will come when it will be necessary to carry out a proper investigation into what is death, what comes after death. The Press say you can't weigh a soul; no, but who wants to, a soul is in a different dimension, they are using the wrong yardstick. Everyone consists of a bunch of vibrations just as a radio signal is, in effect, a vibration or a frequency or a wavelength. Humans are on part of a certain spectrum. While down here on Earth we have weight, we can feel resistance if we poke something which we consider to be solid. But if we go into a different dimension then the things that down here are solid are no longer solid, in fact they may be so insubstantial that they cannot be perceived at all. A similar thing happens to the other side of the scale; a soul departs from a body - but it is on a different time, a different dimension, and so the crude three - dimensional equipment cannot detect it.

'When we get scientists who will listen to the advice of occultists as to how things can be tested, then indeed adequate proof will be coming forward because there are genuine occultists. There are, of course, many fakes, but there are quite definitely thousands of genuinely occult people who can do what they claim to do. They should be preserved and the fakes should be weeded out.

Q: 'How do you say one should learn to meditate?'

A: I have gone into that quite a lot in my books. There is no difficulty at all in it. The main difficulty is caused by people who won't believe how easy it is. They want to work hard at it and so they are so busy working hard at it that they don't get results. If you want to know how to meditate then read my books. After all, even the Press should read the books before they attempt to express any opinion, because if they just blare out an accusation without having read the books - then how can they possibly know what they are talking about? Not that they do in any case, but let us be fairly polite even to the Pressmen.


Astral travel and dreams

Q: 'What is this astral travel stuff you are always talking about? Is there anything to it?'

A: Yes, there most definitely is, there absolutely definitely is. But it is a very difficult thing to explain to a person who doesn't want to believe, wherein the case of a sighted person trying to explain to one who was born blind the difference between, let us say, orange and pink, or two shades of green. How would you explain to a person who had never had sight what was the difference between cabbage green and a lettuce green? Or the difference in colour between an orange and a lemon? How would you set about it?

I have already said that you can liken the human body to a motor vehicle, and the soul or astral body, whichever you like to call it, can be likened unto the driver of the vehicle. Now, if you go out driving and then you return you switch off the engine of your car and the car stays in a certain spot. You get out and go somewhere else. That is just how it is in astral travel.

The physical body is tired out, perhaps; you might have done a little work trying to chase up a scandal story or something and then you have had a lot of entertainment. After that you are tired and so you come home and you go to bed. That is like parking your car, you have parked your vehicle when you go to bed. Then you switch off, in other words, you go to sleep. But the driver, your soul, or your astral form, whichever you want to call it, leaves the body and goes elsewhere, it goes to a plane of existence where there are others also doing astral travel. Of course you come back to your body because you have a link, what is called the Silver Cord, which can be likened to a carrier wave in a radio programme - on which the ordinary programme is superimposed.

You get out of your physical body, then, and you travel away somewhere into the astral world. There you may meet a person whom you are going to meet in the flesh the next day, and you discuss things with that person. Then when you are back in the flesh and in the presence of the person you think, "Funny thing! I'm sure I have lived through all this before!" if you have done that, if you have made your contact in the astral, then your meeting goes very much more smoothly as if it were foreordained, which it probably was. Many of the world's most successful men know the secret, consciously or unconsciously, of astral travel, and they are able to make contacts in the astral so they pre - plan and prepare that which is going to be accomplished on the Earth plane in the Earth body in the following days. Because they prepared everything so thoroughly - there is no problem, everything runs smoothly, all decisions are cut and dried, and everyone "falls into place" with clockwork precision.

Oh yes, definitely there is such a thing as astral travel. It is a very simple matter, anyone can do it if they have faith and the patience to try a few elementary steps. But of course if you are going to start off with a whole load of disbelief and dislike and all that sort of thing, then you will not remember your astral travels. I state quite definitely that everyone does astral travel because you wouldn't imagine a fellow parking his car and just sitting in the thing until next day, would you? He would have to get out and stretch his legs. He would have to get out and have food or something. In just the same way every person gets out of the body and into the astral, but many people do not remember their experiences because they are afraid to or because they don't believe in such things.

Some people have dreams. Now frequently the dreams are rationalizations of what actually happened. The person is a doubter to start with and just would not believe the possibility of astral travel, and so as a solution to what would be a difficult problem the sub - conscious of the doubter cooks up a fantastic image or dream which truly is stranger than anything that could happen in real life. Dreams, then, are either the rationalization of an astral experience or the mindless wandering thoughts of a body of which the soul or astral form is away, away so far that no check is being kept in the mental processes of the sleeping form.

Again I say, yes, you can do astral travel consciously. Everyone can do it when they sleep. Not everyone remembers it. People with a little training can do it while they are awake. It is very very interesting. The biggest difficulty is that you cannot carry anything with you, which is a bit inconvenient (ubekvemt) at times.



So you want to ask more questions, do you? Well, in this instance I will answer your questions because as I said, I propose to use this material in the book which I am now writing for the English version and which I started about a month ago. Your first question then:

Q: 'What is your comment on pollution, its causes, its problems, its effect, and its solution?'

A: Undoubtedly there is a very grave problem with pollution, but of course everything is entirely manmade. Nature doesn't cause pollution, Nature tried to overcome pollution. First of all Man is depleting the atmosphere of oxygen. In Brazil one of the rain forests is being cut down and it is estimated that if that is done, as now planned, there will be in thirty years time one third less oxygen in the air than there is today. That is a very serious thing indeed because the less the oxygen, the more the pollution. So humans are committing suicide in bulk (stort omfang).

'There are other problems, which arise when forests are cut down. The Americans found that after they cut down their wooded areas they had dust bowls as the result. Trees, in addition to providing oxygen for the atmosphere, also hold the top soil together. The roots of a tree go deep into the top soil and hold the soil together so that it cannot blow away. The trees also help in the conservation of moisture in the soil. They keep the ground alive. But when the trees are cut down there is nothing to hold the soil together, the nature of the whole area changes and it becomes more arid. And so the soil dries out and because of the lack of moisture the grains of earth do not adhere together. The winds come and there is nothing to stop the winds, and they sweep across the face of the barren earth carrying off the soil. It may be blown into the rivers, it may be blown into the sea, but anyway in just a short time what was a fertile healthy region, becomes a barren desert made so by Man. One of the biggest troubles with the earth is this awful petroleum muck; that is indeed a curse. Steam engines are the things because steam does not pollute and the moisture in steam returns to the earth and helps it, whereas the horrid fumes of petroleum products poison everything, everything. Look at a jet plane taking off or landing, look at the filthy (skitne) stuff spewing out astern dropping an oily film over everything in its path.

'Fifty Years ago there were steam propelled motor vehicies, the old Stanley Steamer for example; well, nothing can approach that at the present time. The Stanley Steamer was extremely comfortable and exceptionally fast, it had great power and it did not at any time under any condition pollute the atmosphere nor pollute the earth. But vested interests - money - mad men - killed the steam car and instead started a bit of race suicide by producing petroleum - run engines, leading to cancer and all the other types of illness to which mankind is now so very prone.

'If mankind, with its insensate lust for money, goes on producing all these devilish chemicals and synthetics, then soon there will be no life on this earth. Many of the synthetic compounds are lethal (dødelige) indeed. Our lakes and rivers are polluted.

They are just masses of flowing poison. In many areas people can no longer bathe in the rivers nor swim from the beaches because the pollution is so bad. Ships making landfall encounter great masses of floating garbage, seamen can tell right away when they are approaching land, they dont need radio because they can tell by the discolouration of the waters miles from the land.

You ask what can be the solution. Well, there is a solution, you know, there is a solution to all our problems. Mankind will have to return to a religion. It doesn't matter what religion it is as long as it is a religion - because religion gives one the necessary spiritual discipline with which one can regulate one's own acts. Truly religious people would not put money before the health of others. They would attempt to conserve life instead of just to accumulate cash. There would have to be a return to Nature, to natural things. People would have to return to the countryside instead of going off like sheep to the cities. There are vast tracts of land virtually uninhabited because people do not want to work the land, they want to stick in some stinking factory making products which poison the population. That would have to be changed. The farmers have little status in the social scheme of things, and they would have to be given status before they could again attract workers to their farms.

Many many years ago when the Earth was young the atmosphere was very different from what it is now. Human life as we know it at present could not live under such conditions because there were sulphur vapours from raging volcanoes, there were gaseous stenches (stank) from quaking bogs (søle) where methane and all the rest of it was ejected into the atmosphere. The atmosphere, too, was much heavier, much denser than it is at present. With the passage of many, many centuries -the atmosphere changed and became purer. As vegetation flourished on the Earth more and more oxygen was poured into the skies, and human life developed in a manner which could make the best use of that oxygen. But now oxygen is being denied us, pollution is being substituted, lung complaints are on the increase; health is deteriorating, and unless there be a return to the simpler things of life with an outlawing of petroleum products and an outlawing of some of these devilish synthetics, human life could soon become extinct. But every country is vying with every country to put more pollution into the skies. They call it social progress. Countries are in competition with each other; how much of the forests can be cut down to be made into paper for useless newspapers. I have long stated that the Press is the most evil force on this Earth, and I firmly believe so, and one of the ways in which the Press is evil is that it uses such a vast amount of paper. Paper - for newspaper use comes from trees, the flesh of trees, and the greater the demand for newspapers and their sensational contents, the greater the demand for trees. And so more and more do men go out into the wilderness to search for forests, which so far have not been touched.

As the tree men go out over the land, they leave a scene of desolation behind them, a scene like something on the Moon, craters where tree stumps have been pulled out, rocks where the soil is blown away. So unless the trend can be reversed, unless trees are planted instead of felled - well, you might as well say goodbye to human life, you might as well say goodbye to all life on this Earth - until a new type of person can be produced which can live under these stinking conditions. It does not refer just to human life but to all life; in the seas and in the rivers fish are dying from pollution, in the air birds are dying from eating polluted fish. It all comes back - one must have a return to religion and a return to the land.

Nowadays men and women rush off to work, scrabble for money. Their children, the future race, are just more or less abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves, to live under the domination of the stronger characters who, all too often, are evil characters.

And so all the time conditions are becoming worse and worse and worse. If we want to have a beautiful orchard then one goes in for selective pruning (beskjæring), selective grafting (poding), selective planting. If one wants the best type of stock - horses or cows or anything else - then one sees that the breeding is controlled. Unsatisfactory stock is not permitted to breed, to reproduce its own species of defective creature, yet humans, the "Lords of Creation", live according to a reversed order; the scruffier (fattig) the human, the crummier (dårligere) their morals and their brain power, the more children they have and the more abandoned (forlatt) those children are - because both parents are busily scrabbling for money. But the vested interests (økonomiske interesser) make this artificial state of affairs. If there is going to be mass production, then there must be plenty of money to buy things. If the man only is working, he either does not get enough money to buy all they want, or rather, all they think they want, or the factories do not have enough cheap labour - and so women are more or less drilled into thinking that they haven't enough to live on. So mother and father, husband and wife, work in the factories and the children are neglected and the race becomes worse and worse. It is like livestock deteriorating under haphazard (vilkårlig) breeding.

The only solution is that the leaders of the world should form some world government. (as also Martinus says will be done after the coming crisis is went through. R.Ø.rem.) The religious teachers of the world should cease fighting among themselves and they should try to do something for humanity. They should teach that salvation doesn't live in the factory but on the land, and unless there can be a return to religion then there is no hope whatever for the Earth.'


students' protests

Q: 'What do you think about students' protests, all kinds of protests in Universities, etc.'

A: I really think that these University students have a quite inflated idea of themselves. Let us look at the question properly; if people are going to school - and a University is only a school - then it means that they don't know everything or they wouldn't be going to school. It is a matter of complete amazement to me that these students - school kids - dare to think that they have the power to set the world right. It seems to me that they should occupy their time in studying so that when they have completed their studies and passed examinations to prove it then, and then only, should they set about reorganizing the world. By that time they will know something about it so they will just put up and shut up!

I have no sympathy whatever with these school kids who think they know so much that they can, let us say, "outmanoeuvre Churchill" and people of similar status.


On page 156 he answer a question if all human entities posses an astral body and he says yes - everything vibrates. All things - also Rocks - is a great mass of vibrating molecules, and the action of all these molecules vibrating together is to set up a form of electric field which gives an astral body and also an aura. So the answer is - yes, everything has an astral body, everything has an aura.


how to direct thought

Sometimes I get taken to task, although, I must admit, in the kindest ways, for apparently repeating myself. I am told that I tell the same thing two or three times in two or, three ways, but then I get a letter from a person who tells me that he or she is very grateful that I have repeated myself because at last I have got through and made a point. The first and second attempts at explaining weren't successful, the third was. But now I've got a question: 'Would you please again explain how to control one's mind, how to direct thought?'

Now I have already dealt with that quite a lot, but I have definitely been asked to repeat it, so all you people who do not like repetition - read on because you might just learn something!

We have to remember that we are only one - tenth conscious, and the real source of knowledge, the real source of action, is the subconscious. But the sub - conscious is like a lazy old man who wants to sit and smoke a pipe all day and not do anything. He knows he is the custodian (vaktmester) of great knowledge, etc., but he doesn't want to part with any of it, he doesn't want to move. So you have to get through to him to galvanize (sette fart i…) him into action.

If you want to direct thought or control your mind, then you have to know what you want - because it is useless to seek a thing unless you know what you are seeking, otherwise if you do not know what you are seeking, you won't know when you have found it, will you?

Let us suppose you want to learn something; well, you sit down somewhere where it is quiet and you think of the matter, which you desire to study. Perhaps you are afraid your memory will fail you or something, but anyway - you think of the matter you desire to study. Tell your subconscious what you want to do, tell your subconscious why you want to do it, say what benefits will be derived from learning such a matter. You have to get it over to your subconscious that you and 'George' or 'Georgina' are all part of the same firm so what harms one - harms the other, what benefits one benefits the other. So you have to think about the thing you want to do, you have to think about it directly, you have to think all around it, you have to think of all the advantages. Then you have actually to visualize yourself studying the subject or possessing the object, and if you make a real campaign about it - do it perhaps three times in succession - the sub - conscious may be roused (vekket) and will then help you to attain that which you desire.

You have to go in for visualization (å forestille seg). Now, visualization is not imagination. Imagination is something which can be indulged in on the imaginary basis only. No amount of imagination, for instance, would enable you to jump over a thirty storey building. You might be able to do it in your imagination and then you would be something like Buck Rogers, wouldn't you? But such a jump over a thirty - storey building - is beyond the laws of physical nature so it is imagination only, and many people waste time imagining that which is impossible.

Visualization, on the contrary, is something, which is entirely possible - because it is entirely in keeping with normal physical laws. As an illustration, suppose you want to buy a boat, then if you visualize yourself suddenly coming into possession of a large sum of money and going to the place where they sell boats, looking over them, and finally deciding on such a boat - then you may find that your visualizations bear fruit. It is a fact that if the conditions are right - anything you visualize you can have - in time. It may not be just at the moment you want it, but you will get it - if you visualize things properly.

You have to sit down comfortably. You have to cross your ankles and clasp your hands in front of you. Then you put out a very strong thought to your subconscious, calling him or her by the private name which I suggested earlier in this book. You tell your sub - conscious three times, 'Attention! Attention! Attention!' Then you say, 'Look into my mind now.' You repeat that three times, and then you think very definitely, very clearly on the matter for which you desire the cooperation of your subconscious. Let us get back to pendulums.

You want your pendulum to tell you where such - and - such a thing is, so it might be a lump of gold and in that case you will tune your pendulum for a lump of gold (I told you how to do that earlier in this book). Then you will visualize yourself holding the pendulum by its cord and the swing indicating gold. You will pick up a map and you will try to locate gold through the use of the map. If you convey the idea with complete clarity and point out the advantages to the subconscions, then you will be able to detect gold if there is any there.


the coming World Leader

Then a question about the coming World Leader; will his life be made as miserable and horrible as yours? Will humanity listen to him or will they again just scoff, laugh, demand proof, and scream their nasty heads off? Will he be born in a country that is "politically acceptable" to the rest of the world or will he have to suffer from discrimination too?'

I will tell you this; that World Leader is not any of those over publicized young people who are screaming around with much press publicity that they and they only can save the world. No, the real World Leader is living privately as yet unknown to the world. When the time comes, and then only; will he move into the limelight of unwanted publicity.

Yes, he will have suffering, he will have misery, he will be and persecuted by the Press, but - if his messages gets over to even a thousand people he will not have been here in vain. At present there is such a person on this earth. The body is being developed. At the appropriate time transmigration will take place and a greater Entity will come down and carry on from that point. You get something the same in surgery (kirugi) or in art. You get a lesser skilled man to make the opening incision (sorry, no pun intended!), and then when the basic work has been done the Master will take over and do that for which he has been acclaimed as a Master. After the Master has done the successful operation, some lesser surgeon, for instance, will 'stitch up' and generally clean up the mess. It is the same thing with the Leaders of the World who come here and take over a body which is already trained to operate on the Earth. It would be such a waste if a great Entity had to spend about thirty years kicking about on this crummy old Earth of ours. That is why such people take over by transmigration.


longevity (levetid)

I have some questions here from a gentleman whose name is famous in connection with tea bags! He wants to know about longevity (levetid). He asks: 'Some people are under the impression that due to modern medical science it is possible to live longer at the present time than, say, two hundred years ago. Is the answer no, we can just get a maximum life span and it cannot be exceeded, but if we are foolish enough it can be terminated prematurely? Could those early deaths in olden days be due to poverty and improper living conditions, etc.?'

Well now, actually in theory there is no limit to how long a person can live - because it all depends upon the memory stored within our brain cells, the memory which enables the body to reproduce identical parts. If we had a good enough memory, and a sub - conscious memory it is, a person could go on living almost indefinitely. Unfortunately at the present stage of evolution the memory decays. It is like the old army story.

There was a long line of men, a hundred men in a row. An officer at one end of the line whispered a message to the man nearest him and told him to whisper it to the next man, and so on. And then the last man produced a message, which had little bearing on the original subject.

We get the same thing with humans. We can say that a patch of skin has worn out and the body-entity wants a repair job done, but the memory is a bit sick of all these repetitions, so there is a slight divergence in the type, texture, or colour of the skin. So the person might get one of those brown patches which are a symptom of increasing age, or a fastidious (kresen) lady may get too much skin and find she's got a nasty wrinkle (ekle rynker), and so she spreads a lot of goo on her face to try to shrink the skin.

Eventually there will come a time when people can live five or six hundred years, and it will come about not through anything special in the way of surgery or medicine, but through a development in electrochemistry - because if we could get our chemical balance right we could get our brain voltages correct, and in that case cancer, schizophrenia, and other things would be cured. For example, a person gets over - tired with too much work so his body chemistry is depleted of those chemicals, which build up the necessary voltages to keep him in operating condition. Now if the person suddenly takes in some sugar, for example, (provided he is not diabetic!) he gets a sudden spurt of energy and the tiredness goes away for a time. In other words, his battery has been recharged and he functions again on the normal level.


our bodies runs on electricity

My old friend, Jim Dodd, who lives in America, has just sent me a copy of a newspaper cutting about 'electrical medicine', and Jim Dodd is highly interested in my comments, because he has had a knock on the noggin through a car accident and from what I can gather from his letter, the surgeons just about filleted him - but kept only the bones! An unfortunate state for a person to be in. Now, presumably, if he walks down the street the dogs come after him to take a chew at the bones. But there it is; it makes one think isn't life wonderful!

But this cutting about electrical medicine is only the stuff I have been telling you about before saying, 'We seldom stop to think that our bodies run on electricity, but they do. And Jim Dodd wants to know if there is any truth in what the author of this article writes. The answer is - yes, there is a lot of truth in it, but the sad thing about the whole affair is that medicine generally is at least a hundred years behind the times. Orthodox doctors dare not risk their reputation in even attempting anything which has not been approved after ten years use by some of the trade unions controlling doctors.

Oh yes, let's bear in mind constantly, that doctors have trade unions even more powerful than the teamsters unions, and they are kept rigidly in line. Some of the medical members of the doctors' unions have nothing on Jimmy Hoffa for discipline! But that is taking us away from this stuff sent by Jim Dodd.

Yes, one can do a tremendous amount with electricity. Electricity, properly applied, can speed healing, can the more easily unite broken bones. At one end of the scale there is electrocution ("elektrisk henrettelse") when a fellow is literally knocked out of his body and his astral goes wandering off. At the other end of the scale people could even be helped to get born by electricity.

Jim Dodd is particularly interested in electrical anaesthesia, and the article which he sends seems to be very much out of date, or, like a fat woman seen from the back, all behind, because electrical anaesthesia is a definite proven thing. Two electrodes are placed beside the head and a mild current is switched on, a DC current, and the patient or victim goes dreamlessly to sleep because the astral says, in effect, 'Gee, I don't like this; it's too hot for my feet. I'm going!' And so the astral gets out of the body in a hurry and doesn't return until the current is switched off.

Actually, if a person knew how he could put anyone to sleep without any difficulty at all, that is one of the dangers because now - well, we all know the old story of the white slavers with their chloroform pad. They swipe someone across the face with a cloth soaked in chloroform and the poor innocent defenceless girl goes to sleep instantly, but that is not so, you know. It takes a long time to put a person to sleep by that method. It is easier to use a coal hammer.

Hey though, don't go trying tricks with electricity (or coal hammers !) because it is very very wrong indeed to commit suicide, just as wrong as it is to commit murder. So when you read these electrical details, don't get crazy bees in your bonnet because - I repeat - suicide is a very bad thing indeed to do.


electroanaesthesia (elektrisk bedøvelse)

But if a person knows the very simple technique of electroanaesthesia (elektrisk bedøvelse), just about anyone could be taken unawares and put to sleep. Possibly that is why doctors are so cautious about it, they probably want to have some rigmarole or ritual so that it appears to be more difficult than it is. What can be done is this; a patient - let's imagine this, shall we? - is wheeled into the operating room annexe. The anaesthetist just puts two little electrodes at carefully determined spots on each side of the head. The current is switched on and the patient is asleep as quickly as switching off a light, no gasping, nothing of that kind at all - the patient is 'switched off when the current is switched on'.

Then, with the operation finished, the current is switched off and the patient awakens instantly without any recollection of pain or anything else to do with the operation, and, interestingly enough, the painlessness effect lasts from twelve to twenty hours during which time the patient is fully conscious and sweetly reasonable, that is, of course, if he was sweetly reasonable before. But this form of anaesthetic will come into use eventually. It is just a matter of breaking down the bonds of prejudice and unadulterated fright. It is too much like electrocution, isn't it, to lie down and have someone put electrodes on your head and then switch on the current - and - bonk, you are out!

Electric induction of anaesthasia is a great blessing in operations to the liver, the kidneys (nyre), etc. In kidney operations, it is necessary to have a terrific amount of chemical or gaseous (same thing) anaesthetic, but the poor wretched kidneys which are being operated upon, have to suffer the operation and also have the task of eliminating the chemicals used in the anaesthetic, and that makes it very, very difficult. Further, getting such a load of noxious chemicals in ones system, can upset one's metabolism - no matter what the operation should be, whereas in electrical induction there are no chemicals of any kind - because going back to our radio days - when the electric current flows through certain conduits of the brain it just acts in the same way as the grid bias battery of the old radio receivers one used so many years ago. It set up a back pressure of current which prevented the flow of brain - electricity which meant that a person was conscious. And that is all there is to it. No pain, no suffering, no drugs, no chemicals; only sound sleep without any after - effects.

So there you are, friend Jim Dodd. When you read this you will have your answer. It's a pity you couldn't have had this stuff when you had your operations, eh?

Let us continue with some of our questions and answers, which seem to interest an astonishingly large number of people. So here is a question about exorcism. The question is:

'A number of men of the Cloth claim to have performed this operation, some with great success. Others admit to poor results. Now, if they are not fully clairvoyant, and they are not, how will they know who or what they are dealing with? Is it permissible to state what actually takes place?'

Yes, it is. If a place is being haunted then it means that there is some undesirable entity present. The entity emanates (utstråler) an unpleasant thought form or thought pattern. People become aware of the presence of such an entity without being able to say how they are aware. In some cases they can see the entity. In other cases they can feel the entity, but when they are completely non-clairvoyant, the person who is being haunted gets a great feeling of unease, strange impressions cross his mind, and even the least clairvoyant knows that there is something wrong.

Those who can do exorcism are people with a strong thought - wave, that is, they can project the thought of something very strongly. Now, a clergyman (prest) who has got himself thoroughly hypnotized in the belief that he is doing something as the Lord's right hand, and sometimes the left hand as well, gets his thought - wave boosted up because of his self - induced hypnotism. He thinks he is the answer to the maiden's prayer, or possibly the answer to the Lord's prayer would be more suitable. But he is so sure of himself that he turns all the knobs on full in his thought processes, and the entity who is doing the haunting doesn't like it a bit. He thinks, in effect, 'Oh good gracious me, I can't stick (fordra) this fellow. If he's going to hang around like this - I'm off.' And so the haunting force takes off for pastures (beiter) new, where there are no clergymen who are going to project unpleasant thoughts. And that is all there is to that. It is just a matter of telepathy, because no matter what anyone believes, every person is telepathic to a certain extent. It has been proved, for instance, that even when a non telepath (self - proclaimed) was put to a test, when he thought at a non - telepathic victim - he could influence the pulse and the blood pressure of his test subject. That has actually been proved. Quite a lot of things have been proved about clairvoyance and telepathy, but they have not been made public, because gory murders are much better selling attractions.

Here is a touch of humour. It is a paragraph from a letter to me. It is headed 'E.S.P. - A Further illustration to the Accuracy of Your Writings is This. A woman writes in our news - paper to say that she cannot get a night's sleep if the sheets or pillowcases (putevar) have stripes on them. She can feel the stripes. It doesn't matter if the light is on or not, she doesn't have to see those stripes to know that they are there, and they disturb her sleep. Oh yes, that was a quotation (sitat), apparently, from some English newspaper, I wish I knew which newspaper it was.


Once again - the death process

(from chapter ten - the last)

Another old man was dying. Lying on his bed in the darkened room, he watched with fast diminishing sight the gleam of light high up where the curtains did not completely obscure sunlight. A shaft of light struck across the room and made just a splotch on the dingy paint.

The old man stirred restlessly, almost mindlessly. He was in no pain. Instead there was a sensation of cold creeping up - wards from his feet to his knees, higher.

Dully he wondered when the angels would gather about him. He had been an ardent (glødende) believer in his religion all his life. He believed in angels, he believed that at his passing he would go to the Pearly Gates, he believed……

The light faded as if a cloud had passed across the face of the sun, but simultaneously a greater Light came on. The old man was now feeling the cold, the cold as of ice, creeping upwards past his hips, up to his waist; Slowly - slowly - - it reached up towards his heart.

Like a sunburst light enveloped the room. He gazed about him with eyes which were fast going blind, shadowy figures were about him - figures with wings. There was the rusting of voices, not understanable to him yet because he was seeing as through a filmy gauze veil.

The cold crept up and stuck at his heart. With a last convulsive gasp the old man started finally to die as his heart stopped and his lungs ceased to pulse. Now conditions were speeded up because with the cessation (stans) of breathing there was the termination (slutt på) of oxygen to the brain. The physical body twitched in the last nervous reactions, twitched without the old man feeling the twitches, without any pain. He was now beyond pain, beyond feeling in the body.

The blind eyes, now dead eyes, stared upward motionless. Within the body there was the rustling (rasling) of fluids and the sighing of winds. There was crepitation (knitring) as joints loosened, as muscles relaxed their tense grip on life.

Slowly a bluish - white mist emerged from the dead body and coalesced into an intangible form over the head. It became more distinct, firmer, in the shape of a nude human, an old old man wracked with suffering. But as it coalesced (fortette?) and became firmer the outlines became smoother, more youthful, more tranquil (fredfylt).

Gradually the connecting cord - the Silver Cord - thinned, frayed, and parted. The newly - coalesced astral form hesitated a moment then gradually, with a slight jerk, started into motion, going faster and faster into an unknown plane.

The old man in life had been a close follower of his religion. He hadn't believed in reincarnation. He had believed in the resurrection of the body at the Day of Judgment. He believed in that all bodies buried or burned eventually were collected together and clothed again with flesh, even after ten thousand years Now in the astral form he was lost, lost and wandering, victim to the fallacious (misvisende) beliefs to which he had subscribed (vært enig i) for so long. He believed in nothing but the dead resting in their lonely graves or collected in little piles of ashes from the crematoriums, but he was alive, alive in a different shape.

About him he saw alternately (avvekslende) black fog of nothingness, and then when a little doubt about his religion came into his awareness - he saw another facet of his religion - angels. Desperately he fastened on the idea of angels. Reluctantly he threw aside the thought of resurrection - what was resurrection to him? - He was alive, wasn't he, in a different state? But he could see angels, couldn't he, so what was this talk about resurrection? Let him live for the moment, he thought, and then he seemed to drop to the ground. His feet - astral feet? Spirit feet? They felt very solid to him. The ground felt soft and springy and warm to his bare feet. But he dropped to the ground and the veil was drawn aside, he looked about him. Angels were flying through the air, cherubims were sitting on clouds, great choirs were singing with monotonous repetition. Away in the distance he saw golden light. Away in the distance he saw the Pearly Gates.

Swiftly he moved into action, running across the springy turf (fjærende gresstorv), inexorably drawing nearer to the Pearly Gates. At last, after an unspecified time, he reached those monumental edifices which towered so high above him. A gleaming figure outside with a flashing sword of golden light barred the way. 'Who are you?' asked a voice.

The man gave his name. From just inside the Gate another sparkling figure opened a great book and moistening his thumbs with his lips riffled through the pages. 'Ah yes,' said the second voice. 'Yes, we expected you here. Enter!'

The Great Book of Records was closed. The Pearly Gates were opened, and the man, now a young naked man, entered.

For some time the newly arrived visitor was in a state of ecstasy at the realization of all that his religion had taught him. Angels, cherubims, seraphims. The Heavenly Host singing in multi layered choirs, St. Peter, the Recording Angel, and the Great Book of all Knowledge wherein was kept the record of every soul upon Earth, in which was recorded the good and the bad of every person who had ever lived.

Gradually, though, the old man - now the newest visitor - began to feel uneasy. There were inconsistencies (uoverenstemmelser). This was not real, this was pantomime, this was stage stuff. Where had he gone wrong? Was it something wrong with his religion? Then the thought came to him about resurrection? Well, he thought to himself, is this as un-genuine as resurrection? What about resurrection? How could dead bodies which had long rotted away be reassembled at the last trump of a great bugle(signal)? Where would all those people stand, how would they be clothed, how would they be fed? And this angelic host, this glimpse of Heaven - disappointing place, I am beginning to doubt my senses.

No sooner had he said that to himself - than there was a great clap as of thunder and the whole edifice fell around him with broken shards of the Pearly Gates and the golden light extinguished. But - stop ! - a greater light came on. The old man, now a visitor, looked about him in awe. This was more like it. Running towards him he saw people whom he had known in his last life on Earth, people he had loved. He saw a beloved pet coming towards him and jumping up at him and shouting with delight.

pictures- the fantastic pictures of jonathan e.bowser can very well illustrate the beauty on the astral plans

Another figure came towards him and said, 'Ah, now you are released from your delusions. Now you have reached a true home, the Land of the Golden Light. Here you will sojourn (oppholde) for a while - while you and you alone decide what you want to do.'

So it is that many religions lead one astray (på villspor). So it is that'one can read of any religion and learn thereby, but the true wisdom comes in keeping an open mind - so that when the time comes for the transition from this life to another you - - - and you - and you - everyone can go to the state for which his or her evolution and attainment have fitted him, for in the Greater Plan of things even those who have passed over have to be protected from their own folly. If a person believes that he will go to an imaginary Heaven, then it will be put on show for him until he sees the flaws. (because in the astral - the thoughts is forming the surroundings. R.Ø.anm.)

If a person thinks that he is going to a land of ineffable delights (usigelig glede) where dancing girls are always there to entertain him, then he will have such things put on for him until he outgrows such transient (flyktige) things.

And if a Womans Lib leader had as her idea of Heaven a place where all men are slaves, then no doubt that also could be produced for her. And such plays can go on until the person concerned eventually comes to see the fallacy (feilslutninger) of such stage acts, until such time as the person concerned grows up spiritually and mentally and can accept the Land pf the Golden Light for what it is, a place of reality, a place different yet not so different as that which they so recently left. A place with the evil purged out, a place where one can only meet those who are compatible, a place where there is no hatred, no enmity, no poverty, and no suffering. A place where one, in full awareness of one's acts, judges one's past endeavours (bestrebelser/forsøk) and failings and decides what shall be done in the future.

But the clack of the typewriter must cease. The platen must no longer be twirled, and the papers must not be fed in and pulled out - typed, for the allotted span of this book has come to pass. Now it has to be sent to Respected Agent Knight to pass on to Respected Publisher!

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