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I am Lobsang Rampa, and I have finished transcribing that which was so unwillingly, so ungraciously (unådig) told to me by the person whose body I took over (see part 3) Let me continue where he left off.

His body was upon the ground, twitching slightly, and I - well, I confess without too much shame, that I was twitching also, but my twitches were caused by fright. I didn't like the look of this body stretched out there in front of me, but a lama of Tibet follows orders, pleasant orders as well as unpleasant ones, so I stood by, while two of my brother lamas wrestled (slet med) with the man's Silver Cord. They had to attach mine before his was quite disconnected. Fortunately the poor fellow was in an awful state of daze (fortumlet) and so he was quiescent(i ro).

an artists view of the situation - the body to be taken over on the ground and his astralbody released to the left and Lobsang above and right in his radiant astralform - wainting for getting coupled to the "body-instrument" - which was a shocking experience.

At last, after what seemed hours but actually was only about a fifth of a second, they got my Silver Cord attached (tilknyttet) and his detached. Quickly he was led away, and I looked at that body to which I was now attached and shuddered (gyste). But then, obeying orders, I let my astral form sink down on that body which was going to be mine. Ooh, the first contact was terrible, cold, slimy. I shot off in the air again in fright. Two lamas came forward to steady me, and gradually I sank again.

Again I made contact, and I shivered with horror and repulsion. This truly was an incredible, a shocking experience, and one that I never want to undergo again.

I seemed to be too large, or the body seemed to be too small. I felt cramped, I felt I was being squeezed to death, and the smell! The difference! My old body was tattered and dying, but at least it had been my own body. Now I was stuck in this alien thing and I didn't like it a bit.

Somehow - and I cannot explain this - I fumbled (fumlet) about inside trying to get hold of the motor nerves of the brain. How did I make this confounded thing work? For a time I lay there just helpless, just as if I were paralysed. The body would not work. I seemed to be fumbling like an inexperienced driver with a very intricate car. But at last with the help of my astral brothers I got control of myself. I managed to make the bodywork. Shakily I got to my feet, and nearly screamed with horror as I found that I was walking backwards instead of forwards. I teetered and fell again. It was indeed a horrendous experience. I was truly nauseated by this body and was in fear that I should not be able to manage it.

I lay upon my face on the ground and just could not move, then from the corner of an eye I saw two lamas standing by looking highly concerned at the difficulty I was having. I growled, "Well, you try it for yourself, see if you can make this abominable thing do what you tell it to do!"

Suddenly one of the lamas said, "Lobsang! Your fingers are twitching, now try with your feet." I did so, and found that there was an amazing difference between Eastern and Western bodies. I never would have thought such a thing possible, but then I remembered something I had heard while a ship's Engineer; for ships in Western waters the propeller should rotate in one direction, and for Eastern waters it should rotate in the opposite direction. It seems clear to me, I said to myself, that I've got to start out all over again. So I kept calm and let myself lift out of the body, and from the outside I looked at it carefully. The more I looked at it the less I liked it, but then, I thought, there was nothing for it but to try once again. So again I squeezed uncomfortably into the slimy, cold thing which was a Western body.

With immense effort I tried to rise, but fell again, and then at last I managed to scramble somehow to my feet and pressed my back against that friendly tree.

There was a sudden clatter from the house and a door was flung open. A woman came running out saying, "Oh! What have you done now. Come in and lie down." It gave me quite a shock. I thought of those two lamas with me and I was fearful that the woman might throw a fit at the sight of them, but obviously they were completely invisible to her, and that again was one of the surprising things of my life. I could always see these people who visited me from the astral, but if I talked to them and then some other person came in - well, the other person thought I was talking to myself and I didn't want to get the reputation (omdømme) of being off my head.

The woman came toward me and as she looked at me a very startled expression crossed her face. I really thought she was going to get hysterical but she controlled herself somehow and put an arm across my shoulders.

Silently I thought of how to control the body and then very slowly, thinking a step at a time, I made my way into the house and went up the stairs, and flopped (falt) upon what was obviously my bed.

For three whole days I remained in that room pleading indisposition while I practised how to make the body do what I wanted it to do, and trying to contain myself be-cause this was truly the most frightening experience I had had in my life. I had put up with all manner of torments in China and in Tibet and in Japan, but this was a new and utterly revolting experience, the experience of being imprisoned in the body of another person and having to control it.

I thought of that which I had been taught so many years ago, so many years ago that indeed it seemed to be a different life. "Lobsang," I had been told, "in the days of long ago the Great Beings from far beyond this system and Beings who were not in human form, had to visit this Earth for special purposes. Now, if they came in their own guise (forkledning) they would attract too much attention, so always they had bodies ready which they could enter and control, and appear to be the natives of the place. In the days to come," I was told, "you will have such an experience, and you will find it to be utterly shocking."

I did!

For the benefit of those who are genuinely interested let me say a few things about transmigration because really I have so much to tell the world, and yet because of the vilification (bakvaskelse) of the press people, have been hocussed (ledet) into disbelieving my story. I will tell you more about that in the next Book, but one of the things I was going to do was to show people how transmigration worked, because there are so many advantages to it. Think of this, which I am going to put to you as a definite possibility; mankind has sent a messenger to the Moon, but mankind does not know how to travel in deep space. In relation to the distances in the Universe the journey to the Moon pales (blekner) into utter insignificance. It would take many millions of years for a space ship to travel to some other stars, and yet there is a much simpler way, and I say to you absolutely definitely that astral travel could be that way. (Also the ufos travel by a method where they technically rise the frequency of the craft - with all the passsangers - up to - at least, the level of the astral - and when they arrive to the par planet - the frequency is lowered to the actual level of the planet they want to visit. In this way - one visit the level of the astral on an artificial way - enveloped in the field of the craft. R.Ø.anm.) It has been done before, it is being done now by creatures (I say "creatures" because they are not in human form) who come from a completely different galaxy. They are here now at this moment, they have come by astral travel, and some of them occupy human bodies such as did the Ancients of Old.

Humans, if they knew how, could send astral travellers anywhere - transcending time and space. Astral travel can be as quick as thought, and if you don't know how quick thought is, I will tell you - it would take a tenth of a second to go from here to Mars by astral travel. But in days to come explorers will be able to go to a world by astral travel and there, by transmigration, they will be able to enter the body of a native of that world so that they may gain first hand experience of what things are like. Now, this is not science fiction. It is absolutely true. If other people on other worlds can do it, then Earth people can do it also. But sadly I have to say, that purely because of the false doubt, which has been cast upon my word, this particular aspect has not been able to be taught to people.

Unfortunately when one takes over a body, there are certain grave (alvorlige) disabilities. Let me give you an illustration; I found soon after I had taken over a body that I could not write Sanskrit, I could not write Chinese. Oh yes, definitely I knew the language, I knew what I should be writing, but the body which I inhabited was not "geared" for making those squiggles which are Sanskrit or Chinese. It was only able to reproduce, say, letters such as English, French, German or Spanish.

It is all to do with muscular control. You have had the same things even in the West when you find that a educated German with a better education than most English, let us say, still cannot pronounce English as the natives do. He cannot "get his tongue around" the sounds. So no matter how highly he is educated, he still cannot say the sounds correctly. It is said almost universally, that you can always tell if a man is a native of a district or not - by the manner in which he pronounces his words, that is, can he manage his vocal chords as the native would, or does habit bring in certain disonances which the native lacks.

In transferring to a different body, one can do all the sounds, etcetera, because the body is producing sounds to which it is accustomed, English, French or Spanish, for example. But when it comes to writing that is a different matter.

Look at it this way; some people can draw or they can paint. So let us say that these people - the artists - have an ability to produce certain squiggles (kruseduller), which have a definite meaning. Now, most people, even of the same race, cannot do that, and even with training-even with immense practise - unless a person is a "born artist" the art forms are not considered acceptable. The same type of thing happens when an Eastern entity takes over a Western body. He can communicate in speech and he can know all that could be done in writing, but no longer can he write in that which was his original language such as Sanskrit or Chinese or Japanese - because it takes years of practise, and his attempts are so fumbling, so crude, that the ideographs have no intelligible meaning.

Another difficulty is that the entity is Eastern and the body or vehicle is Western. If you find that strange let me say that if you were in England you would be driving a car with right hand controls so that you may drive on the left hand side of the road, but if you are in America you drive a car in which the steering wheel is on the left hand side, and then you drive on the right hand side of the road. Everyone knows that, eh? Well, you take some poor wretch of a driver who has been used to driving along the lanes of England, suddenly lift him out and put the poor soul slap into an American car - and without any teaching at all - let him loose on the American roads. The poor fellow wouldn't have much chance, would he? He wouldn't last long. All his built-in reflexes which may have been trained for half a lifetime would scream at having to be reversed suddenly, and in the emergency he would immediately drive to the wrong side of the road and cause the accident which he was trying to avoid. Do you follow that clearly? Believe me, I know this, it all happened to me. So transmigration is not for the uninitiated. I say in all sincerity, there could be a lot done in transmigration, if people could get the right knowledge, and I am surprised that the Russians who are so far ahead in so many things, have not yet hit upon the idea of transmigration. It is easy - if you know how. It is easy - if you can have suitable precautions (forhåndsregler). But if you try to teach these things, as I could, and you have a lot of mindless children, or press people, then the whole thing becomes negated (benektet) almost before one can start.

Another point, which has to be considered, is obtaining a suitable vehicle or body, because you cannot just jump into any body and take over, like a bandit entering a car stopped at a traffic light. Oh no, it is much harder than that. You have to find a body which is harmonious to your own, which has a harmonic somewhere, and it doesn't mean to say that the owner of the body has to be good or bad, that has nothing to do with it at all; it is to do with the vibrational frequency of that body.

If you are interested in radio, you will know that you can have, let us say, a super-heterodyne receiver which has three tuning condensers. Now if the set is working properly, you get one station clearly, but as you get on harmonics, you actually pick up the same signal on different wavelengths or different frequencies - it is all the same thing. In a frequency one just counts the number of times the wave changes from positive to negative, etcetera. But when you take a wavelength you just measure the distance between adjacent wave-crests. It is the same as calling a rose by another name, but what I am trying to tell you - is that if you know how, transmigration is possible. Not only is it possible, but it is going to be an everyday thing in the distant future here on Earth.

But back to Thames Ditton. It was quite a nice little place, one of the suburbs of the great city of London. I believe it is also called one of the dormitories of London. There were a number of trees in the place, and every morning one could see businessmen scurrying away to Thames Ditton station, where they would get a train taking them to Wimbledon and other parts of London, so they could do their daily work. Many of the men were from the City of Londpn, stockbrokers, insurance men, bankers, and all the rest of it. Where I lived was right opposite the Cottage Hospital. Much further on to the right one came to a sort of sports ground, and adjacent to the sports ground was a big building called the Milk Marketing Board.

Thames Ditton was "better class" and some of the voices I could hear through my open window were too much "better class" - because I found some of the heavily accented (aksent) voices difficult indeed to understand.

But speech was not easy for me. I had to think before I could utter a sound, and then I had to visualise the shape of the sound I was trying to say. Speech to most people comes naturally. You can babble forth without any difficulty, without any great thought, but not when you are an Easterner who has taken over a Western body. Even to this day I have to think what I am going to say, and that makes my speech appear somewhat slow and at times hesitant.

If one takes over a body, for the first year or two, the body is basically the body of the host, that is, it was taken over. But in the course of time - the body frequency changes and eventually it becomes of the same frequency as one's original body, and one's original scars appear. It is, as I told you before, like electro-plating or like electrotyping because molecule changes for molecule. This should not be too difficult to believe because if you get a cut and the cut heals then you've got replacement molecules, haven't you? They are not the same molecules that were cut, but new cells that were grown to replace the cut ones. It is something like that in transmigration. The body ceases to be the alien body taken over, instead molecule by molecule it becomes one's own body, the body which one has grown.

Just one last piece of information about transmigration. It makes one "different." It gives associates a peculiar feeling to be close to one, and if a transmigrated person touches another person unexpectedly - that other person may squeak with shock and say, "Oh now you've given me goose pimples" So if you want to practise transmigration, you will have to consider the disadvantages as well as the advantages. You know how strange dogs sniff around each other, stiff legged, waiting for the first move by the other? Well, that is how I have found people in the Western world toward me. They do not understand me, they don't know what it is all about, they feel that there is something different and they do not know what it is, so often they will have uncertainty about me. They do not know if they like me or if they thoroughly dislike me, and it really does make difficulties, difficulties which are made manifest in the way that policemen are always suspicious of me, customs officials are always ready to believe the worst, and immigration officers always want to inquire further as to why, how, and when, etcetera, etcetera. It makes one, in effect, unacceptable to "the local natives." But we must get on to the next Book, but before we do here is a final word in case you find it difficult to understand that which I have written about Easterners who have transmigrated - being able to write their own language; if you are righthanded write this paragraph with your right hand, then try to do the same thing with your left!


Some pages later - in the last chapter - he once again touch on the same theme of transmigration or "walk-in" - as it is also called today in newage-books. From page 186:

"It was very pleasant being in the astral - away from pain, away from worries and all the rest of it. But - as i was reminded - people do not go to Earth for pleasure, they go because they have something to learn or something to teach.

Today, then, is another day, the day when I have to write something even more about transmigration.

In the days of Atlantis and - oh yes ! - there really was Atlantis, it is not just a figment (hjernespinn) of a writer's imagination; Atlantis was real. But, in the days of Atlantis there was a very high civilization indeed. People "walked with Gods." The Gardeners of the Earth were ever watching developments on Atlantis. But those who are watched are wary (varsom) of the watchers, and so it came about that the Gardeners of the Earth used the process of transmigration so that they could keep a more subtle form of watch.

A number of bodies of suitable vibrations were used by the spirits of Gardeners, and then they could mingle with humans and find out just what the humans really thought of the Gardeners and were they plotting(la de onde planer…).

The Gardeners of the Earth who looked after that mysterious civilisation known as the Sumerians, also had tutors come to the Earth by transmigration. It was altogether too slow to have great space ships cross the void taking such a long time. (it is said that they had not yet developed the more advanced methods of spacetravelling - as they have today.R.Ø.rem.) By transmigration it could be done in a matter of seconds.

The Egyptians, also, were largely controlled and entirely taught by higher Entities who entered into specially cultivated bodies, and when those bodies were not actually being used by the Entities they were carefully cleaned, wrapped up, and put aside in stone boxes. The ignorant Egyptian natives catching brief glances of the ceremonies - came to the conclusion that the Gardeners were preserving the bodies, and so those who had witnessed such proceedings, rushed home to their priests and told all that they had seen.

The priests then thought that they would try such things, and when a high enough person died, they wrapped him up in bandages, coated him with spices, and all the rest of it, but they found that the bodies decayed (forråtne). Then they came to the conclusion that it was the intestines(innvoller), the heart, liver and lungs which caused the decaying, so all those parts were removed and put in separate jars. It is a good thing they were not preparing the hosts for incoming spirits, because the hosts would indeed have been a gutless lot, wouldn't they?!

Of course, some of the embalming (balsamerte)- so called - was when a sick space man or space woman was being put into the state of suspended animation (livlighet) so that he or she could be removed to a space ship and taken elsewhere for treatment.

There have been quite a number of well-known leaders on this Earth who were Entities transmigrated into Earth-bodies, Abraham, Moses, Gautama, Christ, and then that well-known genius of geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci. The inventions of Leonardo da Vinci are legend, and he enhanced (økte) the knowledge of this world very very greatly. He, as I suppose anyone would agree, possessed skills and sciences far beyond the knowledge of Earth people. The person known as Leonardo da Vinci had been an illegitimate (født utenfor ekteskap) child without any special advantages. Who knows? He might even have been the son of a plumber! The body of the person who became Leonardo da Vinci was of such a degree of vibration that a very high Entity could take it over, and do all those things which no human could have done.

In all seriousness, I say that if the people of this world would only listen to those who can actually do transmigration, there would be a wonderful chance of space exploration. Think of all the worlds there are. Think of being able to visit a world in a matter of seconds. Some of the worlds can never be visited by orthodox humans, because the atmosphere may be wrong, the climate may be wrong, or the gravity may be wrong. But when a person is doing transmigration, he can take over the body of any native of the planet, and so then can explore the planet without any difficulties whatever.

Humans, well versed in the science of transmigration, could enter the bodies of animals so that they could be studied effectively. This has been done before; it has been done frequently before, and because of a racial memory there are certain false beliefs that humans are reborn as animals. They are not - ever!

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