This page is about conditions on the Planet Mars. Several people have documented that the condition on the planet is different from the picture given in mainstream media. Water, vegitation and alien cities exist on the planet. The aliens living on Mars are mostly imigrants from other civilizations in the Milky Way such as Pleiadians, Sirians and so on. The original Marsians lives on a higher dimensional frequency invisible from Earth.

The atmospheric pressure on Mars is different than reported in mainstream media. They report the athmospheric pressure to between 6 and 12 millibar. At that airpressure the sky would have been black and the wind would have to little power to move the sand. A parachute would have been 2 Km in diameter for working. The pictures from the planet shows a bright horizont and the parachutes used to land space probes is the size of Earth parachutes. The actual atrmospherical pressure on Mars is approximately 707 millibar mesured in 1962 from a Haunebu spacecraft (An antigravity craft develloped by the Germans during WW2). The Haunebu landed a place where the temperature was 4 degrees Celsius. Earth Humans were able to breath the martian air at that place. This air is similar to the air on Earth at 3000 meters hight. Read more HERE.

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                                                                       Elon Musk colonializing plans for Mars



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